There were enough updates that I decided to put them in a newsletter.  I hope this can become one of the ways we stay in touch with each other, and that you will contribute too.  If you have a story to share about an experience while out testing, please send it to me.


Rainy Weather Protocols:

Change of Protocol! Lisa Neville and Dorthea had a discussion about testing after a rainfall. We also checked in with our Stewardship Manager, Dave Hawke, to get his advice.   
The consensus is that we would like to try testing after rainfall.

Carden Weather Station:

Aiesha has discovered a weather station in Carden at the home of Lou and Judy Probst. 

The Probsts have agreed to supply us with rainfall amounts for each 24 hour period and  will send us the information weekly via an email to Dorthea. 

On your data sheet, please continue to note if you think it has rained in Carden in the past 48 hours, plus Dorthea  will add in any rainfall amounts that Judy supplies. 

Photo by Jeff Cole
Benthic Kick Tests:

Deb Silver from Ontario Streams is moving on to a new job with the Environment Canada EcoAction Program.  Larissa Schiffmann is taking over Deb's position, has already started working, and seems well-qualified for the job.     


At this point I believe we are still on track to do benthic kick-tests in September.  I have asked Larissa to propose some dates which I will then send out to you via a doodle poll. Watch for a doodle poll notification showing up in your email and please fill it out as quickly as you can so we can get this set up.   

Kate, Aiesha, & Emily.

Did you know that the Carden Water Team has its own flickr Photo Album?  Submit your photos and we will include them on the site.  View the Album Here

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