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Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School and Corporate Work Study Program
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Dreams Really Do Come True
"The growth and expansion of Don Bosco Cristo Rey has truly been a miracle during these years when the economy has struggled," said Fr. Steve Shafran, SDB, DBCR's founding President.  And on September 4th, a great variety of people joined together to celebrate the school's phenomenal growth over the last eight years as it dedicated its new Academic and Science Wing.  Able to accommodate 500 students, the high school and Corporate Work Study Program now partner with 100 companies in the business community to make college and a fulfilling future a reality for some of the most underserved students in the Greater Washington area.  Students, parents, donors and special guests at the Building Blessing had a unique opportunity to remember nostalgically the humble beginnings of the school, while anticipating the bright future the staff, faculty and students will have in their newly expanded home.  Noting that what was once a dream has now become reality, Fr. Steve thanked the Archdiocese of Washington and the Salesians of Don Bosco for saying "yes!" and taking a risk for the young.  Fr. Steve added, "We had zero when we started.  It was just a dream, and now it is a state-of-the-art facility with 400 students, alumni in college, a growing base of friends who love our mission, and partners in the business community hiring our students.  It is an overwhelming feeling and I am very proud!" 
The spirit of St. John Bosco is alive, just as his image is depicted on banners throughout the newly expanded building in honor of his 200th birthday celebration.

Honored guest Delegate Sheila Hixson of the Maryland State Assembly joins Cardinal Wuerl and Fr. Steve Shafran, SDB, before the ceremony.

Pictured from left to right: Fr. Thomas Dunne, SDB, Provincial of the Salesians of Don Bosco, New Rochelle, NY Province; Robert Easby-Smith, Board Chair; Donald Cardinal Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington; Dr. Thomas Burnford, Secretary for Education, Archdiocese of Washington; Fr. Steve Shafran, SDB, Founding President of Don Bosco Cristo Rey.

Fr. Steve greets long-time friends of the Salesians, 
Christiane and Joseph Rosamont of Nativity Parish.

Tom Sullivan, II, marvels at the transformation of the former boiler room 
into the Counseling and Academic Center, as George Salamanca ('15)
 and his wife Ellen look on.

Former Board Chair Tim Flynn and Founding Volunteer Coordinator Patti Flynn participate with Ja'Juan Moorer ('15) as Cardinal Wuerl blesses
one of the new classrooms.

Founding Board Members Kathleen Asdorian, Tom Sullivan, II, 
and Lou Boland, Jr., reconnect to celebrate how far DBCR has come. 
 Joining them is Tom's wife, Ellen, in the center.

Blessing Ceremony Celebrates New Wing with Prayer, Song and Dance
Moved by the Spirit, honored guests Jane Genster and Lauralyn Beattie Lee of Georgetown University, take to their feet and join in the celebration.

As the first notes of the gathering song rang out, invited guests knew the dedication of DBCR's new Academic and Science Wing would be full of love, joy, warmth, and "toe-tapping" beats. The program consisted of heartfelt remarks from Fr. Steve who conveyed deep gratitude and awe. "There is something much more in this facility than bricks and mortar," explained Fr. Steve.  "The heart and soul of young people and educators that fill every inch of space give real life to who we are. They are the real builders!" During the prayer service, Cardinal Wuerl shared his reflections on when the school opened and commended Fr. Steve for his clear vision of what DBCR could become. As Founding President, Fr. Steve envisioned providing a first-rate education to young people with both the need and motivation to help earn their own tuition, in an environment where they can live the school's motto, "Be who you are and be it well." - St. Francis de Sales, mentor to St. John Bosco.  Guests could feel the tangible excitement of the students, faculty and staff thriving in their new space as they live out DBCR's core tenets of faith, family, future and fun.  The gathering was particularly blessed by the engaging entertainment of Urban Nation Choir, directed by Dr. Rickey Payton, who has partnered with DBCR to offer arts elective courses this year.  After the blessing, those gathered were invited to explore the building and taste the mouth-watering desserts at the reception that followed. In summation, Fr. Steve exclaimed, "Oh what a happy day where we give every praise to our God!"

Principal Larry Savoy energized the crowd as the emcee for the Blessing of the New Academic and Science Wing on September 4th.

Naomi Lyle '15 sings the National Anthem and later joins the Urban Nation Choir
 for the lively musical portions of the program.

Look How We've Grown!
  • Three science labs with prep rooms
  • Counseling and Academic Center
  • Five additional classrooms
  • Four Restrooms
  • Carlyle Computer Lab
  • Principal's Suite
  • Multi-purpose training room
  • New Reception area
  • Staff Professional Resource Center
  • New Gym Floor
Areas in the new wing include classrooms (1), the Carlyle Computer Lab (2), a staff and professional resource room (3), the counseling and academic center (4) and science labs and prep rooms (5).

During the blessing of the new Chemistry lab, Fr. Steve watches to see if the holy water will cause a reaction with any of the experiments.

Cardinal Wuerl greets Gaby Alvarado '15 and Carol and David Bates in the new Staff and Professional Resource Room.

Tegest Berhanu '15 introduces Cardinal Wuerl to Peter Niehaus (center) and Tiffani James (right), Assistant Principal for Academics, in the Carlyle Computer Lab.

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