December 13, 2019
Finals Schedule - First Semester
Chick-fil-A - Fuel Up 
During the 30 minute break between finals Monday - Wednesday the PTO will be selling Chick-fil-A. 

Study Tips
Looking for resources to help get organized and study for finals.  Check out the resources listed on the Cardinals Nest here
Make flashcards more powerful with these 3 tips
Read how t hese three tips can help studying with flashcards facilitate learning. 
Need money to pay for college?  Check Cash4Cards: Scholarship Listing. This is a one stop shop to find the most recent scholarship opportunities and their criteria. This is a living document, so it is CONSTANTLY updated with new scholarships as we learn about them. For more, please visit
Please don't forget that financial aid is first come, first serve. Please get your FAFSA/TASFA/CSS Profile submitted to your colleges, as soon as possible to be considered for the most aid. If you need help with TASFA, a financial aid document for non-US citizens for Texas student aid, or  the FAFSA, a financial aid document for US citizen applying for federal money, please visit the College Center on Friday.  The deadline for FAFSA and TASFA is January 15th.
Upload ALL Acceptance Letters to
Upload ALL Financial Aid Award Letters/Scholarship Offers to
Juniors-  Please use this Winter Break to put in some active time preparing for SAT on  Khan Academy . This is an online, self-paced guided tool to preparing for the SAT that a lot of students find beneficial. Here in the College Center, we enjoy Khan for 3 reason:
1.       IT'S FREE- As students in HISD, you have access for no cost!
2.       It's from College Board- College Board is the creator of both Khan Academy and the SAT, so, they are providing you a FREE study guide to their test! 
3.       It's personalized- Khan Academy uses your previous SAT (or PSAT) score to analyze the areas of weakness that the student needs the most help in and then provides them with guided practice.
In addition to all of these great resources, there are full length SAT practice test.
Sophomores-  The EMERGE application is currently open to students in the class of 2022! This is an amazing program that links under represented students with top tier college options, resources, and one-one-one personal help. For more information, contact Joe Moon at . The deadline for the online application is Sunday, December 15.

Vaping Prevention Week is 
December 16-20 in HISD! 
There is an emerging trend of vaping (e-cigarette use) among stu-dents who think it is a safer alternative to  
smoking cigarettes. There are many issues with this assumption. Here are two major points to keep in mind:  
* Nicotine is a highly addictive habit! It changes the brain, especial-ly when the onset of use is during adolescence, a critical window for brain growth and de-velopment. E-cigarettes and JUUL have been purposely marketed to a young audience who could become addicted at an early age. The goal for the e-cigarette companies is for the consumer to NEED their products for a lifetime. $$$$  

* Vaporized Nicotine is a different danger and we do not have adequate research regarding how it effects our body over time. When using e-cigarettes, nicotine toxicity, formaldehyde and a vast array of new carcinogens go straight into the lungs. These chemicals' small size allow them to penetrate the body more deeply making them especially toxic. This can damage the cilia lining the lungs, increase the risk of asthma and COPD. Because of the highly concentrated form of nicotine, teens are getting "nic sick," experiencing nausea, headaches, lightheadedness, and vomiting. Hospitals are seeing an increase in seizures and other serious neurological symptoms, lungs collapsing, and nicotine toxicity. Scientists are beginning to believe it may be worse than cigarettes for overall health risks!  

These health issues are preventable by abstaining from the use of e-cigarettes and other vaping products. #SayNoToVaping  

For more information, check out the documentary, "Broken" on Netflix, episode titled, "Big Vape." It shows how vaping and JUUL had their start and how it is growing to be a public health concern.  

We highly encourage parents to speak to your student about the temptation to try a vaping product.

Read the 101 of e-Cigerattes published by The American Heart Association. 
Spring Break 2020 - Plan Ahead for this Amazing Travel Opportunity
Spring Break 2021 travel and learn in London! Bellaire students will be taking a literature- and history-based trip to England for Spring Break 2021 -- email Ms. Chapman at for information about how to join us. Scholarships are available!
Three Penny Press
Spotlight from their Online Publication
Physical therapists give back through offering free physical therapy services
Anna Trevino, Sports Editor |December 12, 2019

At the beginning of each school year, physical therapists Amy Hsieh and Chris Cimo from Memorial Hermann meet with the Bellaire coaches from all sports to advocate their help for any athlete's needs or injuries. Read more here.
Young girl finds acceptance through her Lebanese culture
Zoe George , Online Editor |December 10, 2019

My friends call me "Dabke Malika." Which means Dabke Queen in Arabic. I got this name because I am the last one on the dance floor. I have a huge circle of friends who love running around the hotel with me and getting into mischief. Then at night we hold and hands and dance in a group dance that is called Dabke. My favorite part of this is when the DJ comes out with his huge drum. Read more here.

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It Takes A Village...
"Bellaire Share" is new this year. Please help us collect important information and get student and staff accomplishments out to our school community.  Share with us Bellaire HS activities and student achievements. You can upload your pictures of any event easily. Together we can accomplish a lot. You can submit information anytime on the homepage on the right side of the page or bookmark this link.
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Please consider joining the Bellaire PTO.  The PTO's Commitment to Learn Campaign is about to launch.  Funds donated to the PTO go directly to support students and learning at Bellaire High School.  There is no doubt that family involvement at Bellaire makes us a stronger school.  Join the PTO online here!

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