February 14,  2020
Teacher of the Year
Congratulations to our 2020 Teacher of the Year, Wayne Houle! A strong teacher in the classroom, he has developed in to an influential leader among his peers. Whether working with his English Language Learners or his Advanced Placement kids, he brings World History alive. #CardinalProud

NCWIT Awards
Seven Bellaire students received recognition through the NCWIT (National Center for Women & Information Technology) Aspirations in Computing Award this year. 

In photo from left to write:
Alicia Xia, Shirley Xu, Annie Xu, Ellery Strength, Grace Wang, Starr Martin, Alice Fisher
Not shown in photo: Bianca Sendra

And for the first time, we have a NCWIT National winner - Shirley Zhu. And two NCWIT Honorable Mentions - Grace Wang and Annie Zhu.

Congrats to all of these students and to our Computer Science teacher Ms. Alice Fisher! #CardinalProud
Current 10th Grade Course Selection
10th graders will be selecting courses for their Junior year February 17th - 21st in the SCC. A worksheet to help make decisions can be downloaded here. A course selection sheet can be downloaded here
Seniors Mid-Year Transcripts and Reports
Class of 2020 seniors. All transcript requests will be processed with your new updated midyear transcript and rank. Students that did not pick up a copy of their mid-year transcript may pick up a copy of this transcript next week in the registrar's office. Mid-year reports will also be sent to colleges that require them along with mid-year transcripts.
Games this Weekend

HOT Scholarship Opportunities
Marvy Finger Scholarship is open this is a full-ride scholarship for those interested in career and technical, community college pathways. The applicant must be a US citizen or permanent resident who is a student in HISD. The student must have completed the FAFSA and qualify for free/reduced price lunch. The applicant must have achieved a minimum 2.0 GPA or 3.0 for Health Science programs. The deadline for this scholarship is February 28th.
Willbern Heritage Foundation Scholarship is open. The applicant must be a US Citizen or eligible who regularly work jobs outside of the school day and will be a full-time college student in the Fall of 2020. This award is only open to students who attend the following high schools: Bellaire, Lamar, Lee, Sharpstown, or Westbury. The deadline for this scholarship is March 27th.
Please don't forget to check   Cash4Cards: Scholarship Listing. This is a one stop shop to find the most recent scholarship opportunities and their criteria. This is a living document, so it is CONSTANTLY updated with new scholarships as the College Center learns about them.
Don't forget to review the senior financial aid presentation and have a conversation with your family about college affordability. For an online version of the presentation, please visit HERE.
Check your EMAILS AND COLLEGE PORTALS regularly to make sure you aren't missing any admission or financial aid items. Don't forget to write down and save your usernames and passwords.
The last SAT for Seniors is March 14th. The deadline to register is February 14th.
Please share you Acceptances and Award Letters & Scholarships with the College Center. You can use the Google Forms to upload your Acceptances and Awards & Scholarships using the links below.
Award Letters and Scholarships:
Link your College Board Account with Khan Academy (through the HUB Digital Resources) to start practicing for the April 30th SAT.  
OneJump.org is a new, innovative website that matches students with summer programs, pre-college opportunities, and scholarships. The College Center loves this site for how it matches students with summer programs for involvement. 

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month
Statistics show that 1 in 3 adolescents in the U.S. is a victim of physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse from a dating partner. According to CrimeStoppers.org, Teen 

Dating Violence looks like:
Physical: Pinching, Hitting, Shoving, Slapping, Punching, Kicking, Throwing objects, Biting, Blocking you from leaving a room, Using a weapon, etc.
Psychological: Threatening to hurt themselves, you or others, Name calling, Shaming, Bullying, Put downs, Embarrassing on purpose, Keeping you away from friends and/or family, Trying to control what you do or wear, etc.
Sexual: Forcing you to engage in a sexual act when you don't consent, Kissing or touching you when you don't want it, Birth control sabotage, Coercion and/or spreading rumors if you refuse to have sex or persuading you to go further sexually, Leaving unwanted marks or hickies, Taking and/or distributing naked pictures of you without your permission, etc.
Electronic or Digital: Repeated texting and calling, Posting sexual pictures of you online, Posting lies about you, Demanding passwords, Checking your phone to see who you are communicating with, etc. Stalking: A pattern of harassing or threatening tactics that are unwanted and cause fear in the victim.

Parents should talk with their teens before they start dating. Discussions should include what a healthy relationship vs an unhealthy relationship looks like, also what to do if they are in a situation where they feel unsafe. Teens should feel comfortable talking with a parent or another trusted adult if they feel something is not right.
Remember treating each other with respect is key! Stay focused on your goals, if someone cares for you they will support you!

Keep an Eye on Bellaire's Website & Calendar
Additional events and information can be found on the homepage of our website.  Please check our calendar as events, performances and games are added and updated on a regular basis. 
It Takes A Village...
"Bellaire Share" is new this year. Please help us collect important information and get student and staff accomplishments out to our school community.  Share with us Bellaire HS activities and student achievements. You can upload your pictures of any event easily. Together we can accomplish a lot. You can submit information anytime on the homepage on the right side of the page or bookmark this link.
Join the PTO
Please consider joining the Bellaire PTO.  The PTO's Commitment to Learn Campaign is about to launch.  Funds donated to the PTO go directly to support students and learning at Bellaire High School.  There is no doubt that family involvement at Bellaire makes us a stronger school.  Join the PTO online here!

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