January 24, 2020
I am reaching out this afternoon to offer an update regarding safety and security measures at Bellaire High School.  The information below includes measures we have taken both in the short and long term. Each of these pieces will continue to be monitored and adjustments made as appropriate.  Bellaire has worked closely with the safety and security experts in our district, namely both the HISD Police department and the HISD Risk Management department. Coupling their recommendations with our experience in leading a school, we are actively working together to assess and improve the safety and security measures we have in place.    
Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with a parent for whom their profession is to serve as a security consultant.  A term she used that has resonated with me is layered security. Similar to how in your home you may have a dog, an alarm, and a fence, none of those alone are 100% preventative.  Yet as layers upon each other they may bring a strong sense of safety and security.  
During a press conference held on campus yesterday afternoon, Interim Superintendent Dr. Grenita Lathan shared a number of safety and security steps the district will immediately begin to explore.  An element of her remarks included that they will assess all middle and high school campuses to evaluate the viability of installing metal detectors.  
Please allow this message to serve as an update regarding some both short-term and long-term layers we are trying to maximize.  
  • There will be a single point of entry for students and visitors to campus at the Circle Drive on Maple St.  We will conduct unannounced bag reviews periodically as students enter the building.
  • HISD K9 Unit will continue to perform random visits on campus to review lockers and other shared areas on campus.
  • In an attempt to remove any negative stigma attached to letting us know about concerns, we have posted QR Codes on campus regarding the   Anonymous Reporting Tool.   We have also created and shared a screencast that demonstrates how to report any concerns as well as confirm that the report is fully anonymous.  Watch the screencast here .
  • Students have been and will continue to be reminded that the possession of a weapon on campus is a crime and that any student found with a weapon will be disciplined to the fullest extent within the HISD Code of Student Conduct. 
  • A student input form has been created and shared regarding safety and security here on campus.  The results of this survey will continue to inform our practices moving forward. Students can access the form here
  • We have met with our faculty and staff and begun to build upon their ideas regarding safety and security on campus.  
  • Current practices have been tightened before school and during lunch.  Only 11th & 12th grade students with approved Home Lunch Permits are allowed to leave and must have their green BHS ID with them.  If your son/daughter is still seeking a Home Lunch Permit, the form may be accessed here .
  • For anyone attending after-hours performances in the auditorium, we are asking that you enter through the doors along S Rice near the auditorium.  Both an HISD Police Officer and at least one Bellaire administrator will be in attendance at each event/performance. For anyone attending an after-hours meeting, we will have the doors at the Circle Drive on Maple Street open for entry to the meeting spot.  

Among the feedback I have received in the last ten days, many have asked what they can do to support their children, the Bellaire faculty/staff, and the overall Bellaire HS community.  I would offer the following suggestions.  
  • Please begin or continue to discuss with your child who it is on campus they feel they have the highest level of trust.  It is critical for each student to know at least one adult on campus that they can go to with any type of concern. I cannot emphasize enough the power of relationships when it comes to safety.  
  • Please reinforce to your child the importance of saying something when they see something.  It makes no difference whether they do this through a private conversation with an adult, the use of the Bellaire anonymous reporting tool, the Houston ISD anonymous reporting tool or contacting Crimestoppers .  Students have incredible influence in helping our campus remain as safe as possible. 
  • Please remind your child to be where they should be - when they should be.  Students in class on time makes a difference.  
  • Our doors will open each morning at 7:15am.  Please arrange a timely pick-up or transportation for your child at our 4:00pm dismissal.  
  • If you are a gun owner then I would respectfully ask that you keep any weapons locked and secured at all times.  Our PTO has worked with the Be SMART Campaign and there are many resources available to families to ensure that guns remain out of the hands of children.    

I also want to let you know that as a school campus we are healing, we are in the process of recovery, and our path forward is one being taken with patience, kindness, and respect.  The support for the family of Cesar Cortes as well as our overall school community has been tremendous. The questions and concerns have also been on the mark and are being heard. As I shared earlier, we remain committed to aligning our strategies with the recommendations of our safety and security experts.  

Please do not hesitate to let me know how else I can support you and your children.  

Michael McDonough

Games and Activities

Urinetown - The Musical

This weekend we proudly present Urinetown: The Musical! The shows will be Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 6:30 pm in the Bellaire auditorium. This production is for people over the age of 13 due to mature content.  Tickets are $5 for students and $10 for adults. Part of the proceeds will be going towards the César Cortés scholarship fund.  Guests should plan to enter through the S Rice doors closest to the auditorium.  

Mr. Bellaire
The Class of 2020 presents Mr. Bellaire Wednesday, January 29th at 6:30pm. Senior boys and their escorts will be showcasing their talent, dancing, and answering some important questions. At the end of the evening Mr. Bellaire 2020 will be crowned.

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased from any participant, at lunch in the courtyard Tuesday or Wednesday and at the door.  All proceeds benefit the Class of 2020 After Prom. 
Senior Panoramic Picture
Pictures will be taken:  Wednesday, January 29th @ 1:20pm (Beginning of 5th period.)
Where: Auditorium

Price Package:
$30.00 - Laminated Panoramic

Best Deal (Two Picture Package):
$35.00- Large Laminated Panoramic
& One Medium Panoramic

Please be sure to bring payment the following days to purchase
and receive your photographs:  Thursday, January 30th and  Friday, January 31st  during lunch. 

The photographer accepts Cash, Check, or Money Order
(Please include phone number on all checks)
Dr. Lathan meets with Student Focus Group
Thursday, January 23rd Dr. Lathan met with a small group of Bellaire High School students to listen and talk to them about their concerns around safety on campus.  We appreciate her commitment to student voice.  
PSAT Score Reports  
PSAT scores are available. You may access your score through your College Board account.  If you have any questions please see Ms. Mulet in the library or contact her at  mmulet1@houstonisd.org.
Free SAT Tutorials
Our free SAT classes will resume on Wednesday, January 29th. Mr. Wolf will hold tutorials after school on Wednesdays in room 353. Mrs. Chopra will hold tutorials after school on Thursdays in room 186. Contact Mr. Wolf, Ms. Chopra, or Ms. Mulet for more details.
Yearbook Order Deadline!
Time is quickly running out to order your Bellaire Carillon yearbook! Order by Jan. 31 to ensure that your student has a yearbook this spring. Very few extras are ordered, and any extras are sold on a first come, first serve basis during the spring. There are no guarantees that there will still be books available at distribution in May - please don't rely on this as an option. 

There are three ways to order.  Order in person by coming to room 341 with cash or check made out to Bellaire High School.  Order by phone - call the Balfour Call Center at 800-944-5930.  The easiest and quickest way to order is to go to the Balfour website -  www.balfour.com.  Select Bellaire and order your yearbook!  A confirmation receipt is sent directly to your email address. 
Yearbooks are $100.

Remember- there are NO guarantees that extra books will be available at distribution - we can't risk ordering many extras - so order NOW to avoid disappointment this spring. If you've already ordered your student's 2020 yearbook, thank you for your support of the Bellaire yearbook department. 
If you have any questions, please contact yearbook adviser Andrea Negri at  andrea.negri@houstonisd.org.

Study Abroad Scholarships
Bellaire students can still apply for a scholarship to spend the summer studying abroad! 

Full scholarships based on both merit and need are available for students to spend their break in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Japan, Korea, China, the Dominican Republic, Tanzania, South Africa, Australia, and many other countries! Bellaire students have already been awarded over $50,000 this year, but approximately $70,000 is still available. Over the last two years we have had 47 Bellaire students receive scholarships and spots for CIEE summer programs

Here Is a short video about what the study abroad programs are like. 

The deadline to apply for the second round of scholarships is February 14. Please see Ms. Chapman our Study Abroad Coordinator in room 316 or email her at echapman@houstonisd.org for more information.
College Visits
Houston Baptist University will be at the College Center on Monday, January 27th  during Cardinal Hour.
Senior Financial Aid Meeting is rescheduled for Tuesday, January 28th through English 4 Classes.
FAFSA Verification Roadshow is Friday, February 7th from 2:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M in the College Center.
Check your College Portals regularly to make sure you aren't missing any admission or financial aid items. Don't forget to write down and save your usernames and passwords.
The last SAT for Seniors is March 14th. The deadline to register is February 14th.
Please share you Acceptances and Award Letters & Scholarships with the College Center. You can use the Google Forms to upload your Acceptances and Awards & Scholarships using the links below.
Award Letters and Scholarships:
Please don't forget to check  Cash4Cards: Scholarship Listing . This is a one stop shop to find the most recent scholarship opportunities and their criteria. This is a living document, so it is CONSTANTLY updated with new scholarships as the College Center learns about them.
Link your College Board Account with Khan Academy (through the HUB Digital Resources) to start practicing for the April 30th SAT.  
Resources from the Bellaire High School Counseling Department for Families

PFA: Parent Tips for Helping Adolescents:  English  Spanish  Chinese
Parent Guidelines for Helping Youth after the Recent Shooting:  English  Spanish
Tip sheet for helping teens:  English

Students are encouraged to reach out to their counselor or our social worker Lara Hulin if they are in need of support.
Three Penny Press
How I knew Cesar
Zoe George, Online Editor |January 24, 2020

To me, he was a classmate. To some, he was a teammate, a friend, brother, cousin, and son. 

I really didn't know him as well as some did. We met freshman year.
I was new to Bellaire and didn't know a single soul. I had Mr. Moritz's biology class and sat in the front row. Cesar walked in and sat down next to me. Read more here.
Keep an Eye on Bellaire's Website & Calendar
Additional events and information can be found on the homepage of our website.  Please check our calendar as events, performances and games are added and updated on a regular basis. 
It Takes A Village...
"Bellaire Share" is new this year. Please help us collect important information and get student and staff accomplishments out to our school community.  Share with us Bellaire HS activities and student achievements. You can upload your pictures of any event easily. Together we can accomplish a lot. You can submit information anytime on the homepage on the right side of the page or bookmark this link.
Join the PTO
Please consider joining the Bellaire PTO.  The PTO's Commitment to Learn Campaign is about to launch.  Funds donated to the PTO go directly to support students and learning at Bellaire High School.  There is no doubt that family involvement at Bellaire makes us a stronger school.  Join the PTO online here!

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