March 27, 2020
Good afternoon.  

I am hopeful that this finds you and your family safe and healthy.  I doubt I am alone when I say that these last 7-10 days have been a whirlwind for us all. It is my hope that this message points you toward a number of resources to help answer many of the big questions that have surfaced. Included in all of this is a newly recorded message from me that you can find here.  In the recording, I try to elaborate on a couple of items.  

Below are some quick bullets that will take you to some larger pieces of information.  

  • What's the first thing I need to do Tuesday morning (March 31)?  Starting at 8:30 am, all students should log in to the HUB and visit the landing page for each of their classes.  Once there, students will find course details from each of their teachers. This will include information pertaining to where assignments and resources will be posted moving forward.  Additionally, students will be able to find any applicable Google Classroom or Remind Group codes.  This screencast shows the steps a student needs to take to access course information.

  • Daily Schedule:  As of this moment, HISD schools are closed through April 10.  Thus the daily schedule we are sharing applies to the four day week of March 31 - April 3 as well as the four day week of April 6 - April 9.  If the HISD decides to extend the school closures past April 10, then we will immediately share our five-day schedule. A link to the schedule can be accessed below.  

  • Live Community Update from Mr. McDonough.  Monday evening, we hosted a special event using the Microsoft TEAMS platform.  If you missed the broadcast then it can be viewed here Live With Mr. McDonough. Additionally, an FAQ was created in response to your questions.  That FAQ is a live document and will be updated as we continue to get new information.  You can access it here.

  • HISD@HOME Survey: It is critical that a form is completed for each student at Bellaire. We are committed to reaching out and connecting with you.  So far we have received nearly 2500 replies and we will continue to try and reach everyone.  If you have not completed the survey yet, then please do so at this time by accessing the form here.

We are committed to continuing our practice of strong communication each week.  We have created a specific web page for parents that will hopefully serve as a one-stop-shop in terms of resources and responses to questions and concerns.  Included on that web page is our daily schedule. You can access DistanceLearningBHS here. I hope that you will visit our website often as we intend for it to be a strong ally for our families as we make our way through this new frontier.  

Please remember this important point - we will make mistakes.  There are goingt to be moments that don't work out as we intended.  Yet our commitment is to continue to care for your kids and support their learning. I appreciate your patience, support, and willingness to be flexible.  Bellaire does many things well and we will continue to make our decisions in the best interest of students and families. 

I appreciate your support. 

Michael McDonough 

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