Dear Friends of Care Center,

Since the onset of the pandemic, veterinary hospitals nationwide have seen an increase in caseload while facing a shortage in staff. Our efforts to recruit and retain team members have been continuous; yet, it is an unfortunate reality that the veterinary industry is faced with a workforce crisis.

In August, we began limiting caseloads at both of our locations. Even with these limitations in place, our hospitals still saw a 76% increase in caseload as compared to the beginning of the year. Although we strive to provide timely, high-quality emergency and critical care to our patients, our team's ability has been hindered due to the overwhelming number of critical and stable patients.

In order for Care Center to remain a pillar of emergency and specialty veterinary care in our community, and to best serve you, your pets, and our teams, we will be limiting emergency patients seen at our Cincinnati hospital to only critically ill patients starting Friday, November 19th at 6:00am. All other emergency and urgent care patients will be directed to our Dayton hospital (located in Centerville, our hospitals are 40 minutes apart). Specialty appointments will still function as normal.

Critical cases may include:
  • Difficulty or labored breathing
  • Non-productive retching or "bloat"
  • Collapse, unresponsive, or active seizure
  • Inability to walk or paralysis
  • Major trauma, such as being hit by a car
  • Whelping complications/dystocia

Pets who present to Care Center Cincinnati will be assessed and triaged accordingly. If your pet is stable, you will be directed to our Dayton hospital for further care. For pets that are hospitalized and require transportation between our locations, we will provide that service at no additional charge.

Please know that we understand how this decision may affect you your furry family members. We appreciate your continued trust and we’re honored to be considered a resource to you and your pets. All of these changes are temporary and we look forward to a time that we can be "back to normal" again.

All our best,