Care Coordination
November 2, 2017 Vol. I No. 6
Care Coordination

Care coordination involves deliberately organizing patient care activities and sharing information among all vested participants to achieve safer and more effective care, per the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).

These patient care activities span all care settings, including the patient's home, according to the Healthcare Intelligence Network's Benchmark Survey on Care Coordination.

Initiatives aimed at coordinating care for high-risk patients are reporting healthcare cost savings, reductions in expensive sites of care and improvements in quality, outcomes and patient satisfaction.
  1. Enhanced Care Coordination Providers Reduce Saves Medicare $50 Million, Reducing All Cause and Potentially Avoidable Hospitalizations
  2. Care Coordination: Benchmarks and Metrics
  3. "Bridges to Care" Coordination Program Reduces Emergency Department Utilization, Increases Primary Care Use
  4. Complex Patients Supported by a Connected Team of Clinicians and Family Caregivers Have Better Patient Outcomes and Lower Healthcare Costs
  5. HINfographic: Care Coordination Trends: Oversight of Complex Comorbid Spans Continuum
  6. Care Coordination of Highest-Risk Patients: Business Case for Managing Complex Populations
  7. Preliminary ACO Results: Better Care Coordination Yields High-Levels of Member Satisfaction, Retention
  8. Care Coordinators Cut Costs, Improve Health Outcomes, But Are Underused
  9. Care Coordination Measure Development for Medicare Advantage Plans
  10. 7 Metrics to Build a Business Case for a Multidisciplinary Care Coordination Team
  11. Care Coordination: Though Oversight of Complex Comorbid Spans Continuum, Reimbursement Remains Uneven
  12. Breaking Down UTSACN Advanced Care Coordination: "Data Analyst Is Your Best Friend"
  13. Care Coordination in an ACO: Population Health Management from Wellness to End-of-Life
  14. Marshall School of Medicine Launches Care Coordination Program for High-Risk Diabetics

Community Partnerships

Strong community partnerships are playing a bigger role in healthcare organizations today as organizations seek to address all of the factors that can impact a patient's health. Are they working for you?   Tell your story.

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