As this year rolls to a close, we would like to take a moment to say thank you for another prosperous year. No doubt a more challenging year than any of us had hoped, but that is precisely why we should express our thanks. 

In 2021 our projects moved along successfully, new projects were awarded in our favor, and we developed a new division for Government Services. 

Shannon Construction remained busy and continued to push forward. Forward to out-of-state projects, forward to our first government contract, and forward to increased office staff by approximately 30 percent. 

We also celebrated 50 years in business. Every turn of 2021 provided a reason to celebrate. Our partners, clients, and employees laid the groundwork, and we are thankful.  

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,
The Shannon Construction Leadership Team
Supporting Our Veterans
Thank You!
Giving Back
When we talk about giving back, Shannon Construction says to count us in!
For several years, Joyce Steinhart (23 years of service with Shannon) has diligently coordinated donations for those less fortunate than ourselves. They include Stockings for Soldiers, Mt Lebanon Methodist Church food pantry, the Walk for Children, and the Foster Love Project. Joyce has continued to encourage the employees of Shannon to give of themselves.

Thank you, Joyce, for both your dedication to the well-being of others and for sharing your passion with Shannon Construction.
Taking a Look Back for Our Anniversary
Ringing in the new year of 2016, Shannon Construction focused more intently on growth and a new business strategy. Richard Amberson joined the Shannon Team in 2016 as Senior Project Manager to help expand sales and operations. With Rich and Ken at the business development helm, Shannon experienced a substantial increase in contract revenue. With more projects came a growing project team. Shannon focused on finding the right people for staff and field, which enabled us to handle multiple large complex projects. Shannon continues to grow based on the strategy developed with input from the entire team.

Shannon has continued to maintain a strong presence throughout western PA and is now in multiple states. Many of Shannon’s most significant and impactful projects occurred between 2016 and 2020. A few of these projects were selected for NAIOP and Master Builders Association awards:

2016: Rich Amberson joins the Shannon family as Senior Project Manager

2017: Lillian Schultz (George Schultz, wife) retires from Shannon Construction after 40 years.
(2) - $8M projects simultaneously - 420 Blvd of the Allies total building renovation (157,290 sq ft) wins NAIOP 2019 office renovation award and Towncenter at Penn Center East conversion of building structure to walk-up retail stores.

2018: $20M+ multi-family building renovation - Terminal 21, a 200,000 sq ft building previously utilized as a dormitory, was completely renovated to 210 luxury apartments with amenities.
Shannon wins Master Builder Award 2020.

2019: Rich Amberson participates in a new ownership program – starts earning ownership.
Multiple Projects awarded outside of Pittsburgh Market.

2020: $22M+ a shell and interior renovation at The Waterfront Technology Center included two tenants (110,000 sq ft ). Finalist for Master Builder Award 2020. Wins NAIOP 2021 Award office renovation.
The right people in the correct positions with an efficient and dedicated leadership team have led Shannon Construction for 50 years and will do so for many more to come. 
Terminal 21 Project
CubeSmart Self Storage Project

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