U.S. Work World - Career News Briefs - March 2019
Veterinary Jobs Growing Much Faster Than Average
Veterinary job openings are expected to grow 19% until 2026, that is 3 times faster than average job growth.

Jobs include: Veterinarians (graduate degree), Veterinary Technologists or Technicians (usually require 2-year Associate Degree), and Veterinary Assistants and Animal Caretakers (usually require Certificate or on-the-job training).

Employers include veterinarians' office, animal hospitals, pet stores, college laboratories, animal shelters, animal boarding facilities, humane societies, and zoos.

Pet ownership has increased by 50% from 1988 to 2017.  Almost 66% of households own at least one pet -- with 40% owning a dog, and 33% owning a cat.

To find training for Veterinary Technologists or Technicians, go to MyNextMove.org.  Enter job title in "Search Careers."  Click on Veterinary Technologists & Technicians.  Under "Education," click on "Find Training."  Enter your Zip Code.

To find a job opening, go to Indeed.com.  Enter job title under "What."  Enter your Zip Code under "Where."  

Dog Friendly Employers 

According to FastCompany, about 20% of employers have dog friendly policies.  Companies that allow you to bring your pet to work cite these benefits: boost employee morale; increase office happiness; improve coworker relationships; attract customers; reduce stress; spawn creativity; and create relaxed environment.

Famous employers with dog friendly policies include Google and Amazon.  In fact, Amazon's Seattle headquarters shares workspace with thousands of dogs per day in its special dog park.  When you click on an Amazon link and get "404 Error Page," the page will display a photo of one of the dogs who visits the Amazon dog park.  Amazon techs have used pictures of their dogs for the "Error" message for over 10 years. 

Google goes one step further by renting about 200 goats with professional herder and border collie to help cut down the amount of weeds and brush at Google Headquarters.

Company dog policies include rule that evidence of fleas, excessive barking, biting, chasing, and other actions are considered unacceptable, and dogs will need to be taken home upon the first complaint.    
Summer Employment of Youth 16-24 Years Old
2013 to 2018

Youth employment grows sharply between April and July with many high school and college youths taking summer jobs.  The year with the lowest summer employment was 2010 for men and 2011 for women.  Youth employment has not reached the peak of 2004 due to more youth attending summer school, participating in sports, and doing volunteer work.

Key to Community College Success - Advising

Center of Community College Student Engagement released 2018 National
Report titled "The Power of Advising in Community College."

Community college students report that advising is the most important student service that colleges offer.  Data suggests that students who receive more advising - more time with advisors and more in-depth discussions in their sessions - are more engaged and successful in community college.

Students need to be pro-active in seeking out community college advisors, in the Counseling Office and from classroom professors.  Advising answers the "Core Elements" of student success: 
  1. Setting academic goals.
  2. Developing a plan to attain those goals.
  3. Staying on track until those goals are met.
Advising helps with the small steps necessary for the Core Elements: Raising aspirations and setting goals - Developing academic plan and registering for courses - Helping students learn to help themselves - How to focus on the big picture.

In addition to helping student achieve the Core Elements of success, seeking out community college advisors helps students feel welcome and engaged. Advising also helps students achieve early success such as meeting financial aid deadlines and enrolling in courses that build confidence. 

Students entering community college need to understand the importance of being proactive in talking with a counselor and their professors to get answers to questions.  In addition, new students need to ask for the location and hours of resources such as math lab, writing center, and tutoring center.  Too many students drop out of community college because they feel isolated - as one student said:  "pretty much on your own just picking your classes and using the website."

Advising Help for All HIgh School Graduates

In addition - high school graduates who need help in career planning can go to a local government American Job Center that offers workshops and personal advice on topics such as job applications, resumes, job hunt, and finding job openings. To find a local American Job Center, visit CareerOneStop.org.  Click on "Find Local Help" and enter your Zip Code.

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