Paige Stepke

First year Teacher Academy student Paige Stepke is a senior from Kingsley High School pursuing a unique learning experience at the Career-Tech Center. Each morning, Paige explores career interests in the field of teaching, and each afternoon she furthers her learning in Graphic Design & Promotional Marketing (GD&PM) as a second-year student of the program. It is uncommon for a student to enroll in two programs at once, but in this case, Paige is on track with her high school graduation requirements and has chosen to take full advantage of career and technical education by deepening her knowledge of graphic design while also expanding her learning through studying the art of teaching.

What's unique about Paige's experience is that she is the first Teacher Academy student ever to be placed with a host teacher in a Career Technical Education (CTE) vocational setting. Lending her knowledge of graphic arts subject matter, Paige develops lessons and leads small groups of first-year students under the guidance of GD&PM instructor Julie Orr. Following the lead of CTC math instructor Karen Shoskey, Paige also took the opportunity to assist with instruction of a hands-on culinary lesson in an equivalencies displacement exercise for measuring shortening, and observed presentation and teaching style during a construction trades geometry lesson.

Career and Technical Education can inspire kids in many ways. We applaud Paige for her curiosity and hard work as she explores her options. CTC offers 23 programs where students can test the waters and learn whether or not they want to pursue a certain trade before they commit significant time and/or money. We encourage middle school and high school students and parents to visit our center, learn about CTE, and take advantage of the free learning opportunities offered.