A Discussion Session, led by scientists from Nature’s Way and UCLA, will explore careers in botanical products at the Botany 2018 conference, being held July 21-25 in Rochester, Minnesota.

This discussion session invites you to explore what it's like to do natural products research in the applied side of academia, government agency, or by running your own company or working for a larger industry. We'll explore how plant researchers in these different settings maneuver in a world experiencing a renaissance of new markets that cross cultures and social movements, for instance: local, organic, restorative, exotic, heritage, ethical, and Instagrammable.

Knowing what tools and techniques are used by the industry to source ingredients and develop quality products that keep up with regulation is essential. This session is geared to anyone interested in emerging markets and career opportunities that sustain the innovation happening in the natural products industry spanning herbal products for cosmetics and health, food, and beverage.

With a 100+ billion dollar natural products industry that encompasses everything from microbrews to preventative medicine and whole herbs, street food to haute dessert, it's an exciting time to be a plant scientist.