Saturday, December 1, 2018

A professor's inside story about how a single bad joke has him fighting for his job and his reputation.

Feminist Meghan Murphy, a staunch Canadian feminist, explains how she has become faced with a lifetime ban from Twitter.

Jonathan Kay speaks with Meghan Murphy, founder of Feminist Current , about being banned from Twitter.

After a sober look at the numbers, college quickly loses much of its lustre. Surely there's another way to learn?

An overview of the relationship between men and women from an evolutionary anthropology perspective.

One man's challenges with school highlight the dangers and frustration that come with pretending we're all the same.

A celebrated Canadian playwright captures the difficulty in creating great art in an era of new puritanism.


"Consider, in contrast, contemporary attitudes to works by Woody Allen and Louie C.K.. It is no accident that these two artists and poets are comedians. Stand-up comedy can be very dangerous; much of what any comic does has to do with making language and meaning untrustworthy through irony, sarcasm, and puns (quibbles). These two men are great modern poets of the cinema (Allen) and television (Louie C.K.). #MeToo works doggedly to rip Annie Hall and Manhattan from the canon, citing Allen’s personal crimes and misdemeanours. But I predict that ultimately they will not succeed because these works of art ask big questions, but don’t answer them, which is what makes art art."

Sad is the author who's written a magnum opus
About the moving spirit of Christmas

Lamb to the slaughter if...

Attacking foes is all fun and games until your own purity is deemed lacking. Confessions of a social media vigilante.

A chorus of detractors take on Harris' ideas on religion, especially his view that poor beliefs beget bad actions.

Claire Lehmann discusses Lee Jussim's work on what we don't want to know.

A look at the motivations behind sexual assault.

This week, Canadian editor Jonathan Kay talks to Meghan Murphy, the founder of  Feminist Current , a radical feminist blog and podcast. Meghan was recently banned from Twitter for “dead-naming” and “misgendering” trans women, activities that are now prohibited in Twitter’s terms of service.