The Caregiver Courier
January 2017
Trauma-Informed Parenting (First in a Series)

Understanding and helping children in care who are victims of trauma is a critical skill for caregivers. This month, we bring you the start of an eight-part series about the effects of trauma on children and parenting through a trauma-informed lens. 

This information is courtesy of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network. More information can be found at .
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Humble Heroes: How Four DFS Co-workers Saved a Life

How would you react if you were thrust into a life-or-death situation? A group of DFS co-workers recently experienced one such emergency: get a child in care to a northern California hospital in less than 12 hours for a life-saving surgery. It may be the child's only chance to receive a kidney transplant.
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Education Spotlight: My Kid Just Got "RPC'd" at School...Now What?

It's one of the calls from school no parent wants: your son or daughter is in trouble and might get "RPC'd." What is an RPC? It's the dreaded Required Parent Conference. So what do you do if your child's school is invoking disciplinary measures?
In this month's Courier, DFS's educational liaison, Leslie Strasser Murdock, outlines everything you need to know-and how to be an interactive player in the discipline.
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What's Going on This Month? Check the QPI Calendar

What day and time is the next QPI workgroup meeting? With the monthly QPI Calendar, get all the information you need in one place: workgroup meetings, community organization events and much more!

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Hundreds Turn Out for Annual Angel Tree Celebration
Thanks to the generosity of our friends and partners, the annual Angel Tree Celebration was a huge success! Hundreds of families came to Breakthru Beverage Nevada on Dec. 10 for games, gifts, food, fun and much more.
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Making sure every child living in foster care is cared for by a caregiver (foster, relative, fictive and/or adoptive) who provides skilled, nurturing parenting while helping the child maintain connections to his or her family. 

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Foster parents nurture children who have experienced trauma and provide a safe, loving and healing environment in which the children can thrive. They are parenting partners who honor and support family relationships. Foster parents are dedicated, informed and committed advocates for children. They are instrumental and fully supported members of the child and family team. Great foster parents make a difference for children and families in our community.
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