We are excited to announce that the following enhancements have been made in Carelink:
View Care Plan and View Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) (screenshot 1) will now show a drop-down in the ‘Consent Date’ field. (screenshot 2)

Options in the drop-down correspond to the signature dates provided in the client’s Care Plan Consent. (screenshot 3)

If any changes have been made to the client’s CNA data after the most recent signatures were provided, users will see ‘Pending Member Signature’ (screenshot 4)

  • One exception to this: If a Member signature is provided today, entered into the system, and then changes were made to the client’s CNA data later in the day, then the system will not display ‘Pending Member Signature’ until tomorrow.

If no signatures have been provided in the client’s Care Plan Consent, the drop-down will be blank.

Switching between drop-down options will show the client’s CNA data on the day of the selected signature date.

Thank you,
BHSDStar Support

If you have any questions regarding this alert, please send them to support@bhsdstar.org