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We've had a successful first half of 2019! The Carestream team has been busy showcasing our simultaneous, multilayer coating capabilities at i ndustry events, working with customers to create innovative solutions to meet their product development needs and revamping our website to streamline the user experience. We look forward to continuing this positive momentum in the weeks and months ahead .
Our precision coating process enables the addition of multiple coated layers without  additional passes through the coating machine - resulting in improved performance and reduced product development costs. We also provide our partners with project-ready coating facilities featuring lab, pilot-scale and full production assets, and manufacturing excellence on a daily basis to deliver precision-coated constructions for applications such as energy storage electronics  and more.
We seek joint development, manufacturing or full joint venture partnerships that combine customer product IP and market channels with our unique coating expertise and production assets. 

Contact us  today to t o discuss how a Carestream partnership can reduce your up-front capital investment costs and efficiently scale-up development for demanding, multilayer constructions. 

We're excited to announce the  launch of our revamped website at The updated website structure highlights the full scope of Carestream's precision multilayer coating partnerships to provide a more user-friendly view of how we combine customer product IP and market channels with our high-speed roll-to-roll processing, quality systems and worldwide presence to bring a wide variety of disruptive products through commercialization quickly and efficiently at reduced manufacturing cost.

Whether developing or manufacturing components for batteries, supercapacitors or fuel cells, Carestream can add value to your energy storage systems. Leveraging over 100 years of precision coating leadership due to our 3M/Kodak history, we seek partners with whom Carestream's unique expertise can be applied to the development of multilayer lithium ion battery constructions. Read our recently updated energy storage webpage to learn more.

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Download our Simultaneous, Multilayer Coating for Batteries PDF to learn how Carestream can add value to your battery and energy storage systems.

Watch our  IDTechEx interview to find out how our processing innovation enables higher performance at reduced cost.