Tollcoating Newsletter - October 2014
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Carestream Tollcoating is the premier provider of precision contract coating services for advanced materials applications. 


In this newsletter and on our blog, we share technical insights from subject-matter experts, updates about coating and development capabilities, and details about where you can find us at upcoming industry events.


Modeling and Its Role in the Coating Process

Modeling is a powerful tool that makes coating trials more efficient while reducing costs and development cycles. Carestream Tollcoating uses predictive tools in conjunction with experiments to refine processes before moving into production on manufacturing-scale coaters. Our capabilities and equipment make the product development process faster and more cost-efficient than ever before. Full Article


Coating and Casting Techniques for Efficient Fuel Cell Development

Fuel cells produce power by converting energy from a hydrogen or hydrocarbon fuel into electricity through a chemical reaction with oxygen. While the fuel cell market has promising growth potential, its capital cost per kilowatt is currently high. Carestream Tollcoating applies precision coating methodologies and high-speed, wide-web assets developed for other industries to bring cost advantages to the fuel cell market. We enable efficient casting and coating of anodes, electrolytes, and cathodes for proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) and solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC).  Full Article

Coating Films for "Smart Windows"

Window films can be applied for various reasons including privacy, decorative applications, and most importantly energy and light management. Experts agree that up to 20 percent of a typical building's heat can be lost through windows and doors. Active or "smart" windows offer flexibility that can be tuned for optimum energy savings. Carestream Tollcoating draws upon our expertise in solvent coating to coat films for architectural windows, sunroofs, rear-view mirrors, and more.  Full Article

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Hardcoat Services
Carestream Tollcoating has significant experience working with performance-critical applications that require the use of a hardcoated polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film layer. We've applied the knowledge gained from these industries to develop a service for hardcoated PET films and other substrates, which can dramatically improve the performance and economics of display, electronic, optical, and graphic applications.


Carestream Tollcoating's hardcoat projects undergo a rigorous production release test, which includes hardness testing as well as evaluations of coating thickness, chemical resistance, flexibility, cleanliness, and optical properties. These exacting guidelines apply to every roll in the production environment - ensuring that the process and product quality meet customer expectations.

Contact Brian Pahl at for more information or to get started. To learn more about all Carestream Tollcoating capabilities and services, visit  


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About Carestream Tollcoating
About Carestream Tollcoating
Carestream Tollcoating to Participate in AIMCAL Web Coating & Handling Conference
October 14, 2014

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IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA 2014 

November 19-20

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Carestream Tollcoating offers precision contract coating services, specializing in the application of aqueous and solvent coatings on flexible substrates for a wide range of industrial, medical, electronic and other advanced materials applications. Our engineers and material scientists build on more than 100 years of coating leadership to deliver problem-solving expertise in precision coating applications, including fluid design and preparation. State-of-the-art pilot coaters also make Carestream Tollcoating an ideal partner for product development and rapid scale-up to large volume. For additional information, please visit

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