Tollcoating Newsletter - Q1 2015
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Carestream Tollcoating is the premier provider of precision contract coating services for advanced materials applications. 


In this newsletter and on our blog, we share technical insights from subject-matter experts, updates about coating and development capabilities, and details about where you can find us at upcoming industry events.


Using Design of Experiment to Optimize Precision Coating Processes

Design of Experiment (DOE) is a statistical method for identifying and optimizing various process factors that affect final product specifications. In complex situations, Carestream Tollcoating often conducts a DOE to identify which factors significantly affect final results of the precision coating process. By using statistics to figure out what matters, a Design of Experiment can make the testing process more efficient and eliminate the need to conduct endless individual experiments. Full Article


Coating ERV Membranes and Films for Energy-Efficient Buildings

ERV systems are one of the most cost-efficient and sustainable solutions for significantly reducing building energy consumption. Carestream Tollcoating's precision coating methods and high-speed, wide-web assets and technologies bring high yield and cost advantages to the ERV market. We work with companies developing new solvent cast polymer membranes used in plate systems and coated films for rotating wheel systems to help design, develop and manufacture appropriate coatings. Full Article


Carestream Tollcoating Offers Quality Advocate Training for Employees

Carestream Tollcoating continually improves its coating processes through ongoing education and training for its team. As part of this initiative, we are providing Quality Advocate Training (QAT) for all of our Oregon employees, and all of our Colorado plant employees have recently completed it. The training provides an introduction to Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma principles, enabling employees to better understand plant practices and eliminate waste. The result is improved trial and production performance for the delivery of higher quality products to customers.  Full Article


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Converting and Packaging 

Carestream Tollcoating's converting and packaging operations slit and chop various products including film and paper to deliver roll and sheet goods. Featuring converting facilities in different regions of the world, Carestream Tollcoating offers the lowest delivered cost for finished products worldwide. By leveraging our extensive technical converting expertise, we ensure lower investment costs backed by a commitment to deliver the utmost in quality and traceability. 


At Carestream Tollcoating, the converting and packaging process is more than just the means to an end. Our professionals view adherence to quality standards as a critical step, especially since they are the last to view the product before it ships. Read more here and here


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About Carestream Tollcoating
About Carestream Tollcoating
February 3, 2015

February 17, 2015

NAATBatt 2015 Annual Meeting and Conference

February 16 - 19

Phoenix, AZ 


2015 FLEX Flexible and Printed Electronics Conference and Exhibition

Booth #317

February 23 - 26

Monterey, CA 


International Battery Seminar

March 9 - 12

Fort Lauderdale, FL