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Brian Lansing, Cargill, previews his October 20th presentation on "Brand Owner Perspectives on Paper, Paperboard and Corrugate Requirements." Register now for Focal Point 2015 and save $50 on the full day conference rate of $250. 
Brian Lansing's responsibilities at Cargill include developing and executing sourcing strategies for all global packaging and food ingredients purchases. That's $2 billion in sourcing for Cargill's 70 business units. Currently he is the Senior Director, Global Packaging and Ingredients. He supervises a team of 40 packaging and ingredients professionals servicing approximately 400 plant locations in 50 countries. With his perspective on packaging needs for a multi-billion, multi national company, we asked Lansing to speak at Focal Point 2015. And this week, he provides a brief preview in this Focal Point interview. You can read more about Lansing and other featured Focal Point 2015 speakers on the conference website. Registration is online, too.

WIST: Brian, you and your team at Cargill are huge purchasers of packaging. In terms of paper-based packaging, what is one area of need for innovation in performance that would help Cargill meet its packaging needs?
Brian Lansing
Brian Lansing: Nano/additive technology - this would drive strength and stiffness of the board while using less paper. We also see the need for paper convertors to upgrade equipment to make lighter grades of paper as much of the equipment can only make heavier grades today.

WIST: In your presentation at Focal Point, you'll be talking about packaging from the perspective of a brand owner rather than a packaging manufacturer. Please discuss briefly some of the concerns and issues that you take into account in making purchasing decisions on packaging.

Brian Lansing: We take into account quality, service, total cost of ownership, back up plants, and the ability to have a cost-out program (innovation). We have some concerns with the consolidation of the suppliers over the past seven years.

WIST: What trends have you noticed in recent years regarding paper-based packaging for food and ingredients?
Brian Lansing: More retail ready packaging, improving printing and finishing technologies, a push to have paper that is grease/water resistance to replace plastics.

WIST: What are some of the driving forces for changes in packaging in recent years?
Brian Lansing: Sustainability - the need for certifications and to drive recycling rates higher, use of more sustainable species such as bamboo, etc. New converting technology improvements  that are driving more efficiency paper production. Online shopping is and will drive change in the paper needs including sizing, converting on demand, volume increases. What happens when we have drone and Amazon delivery trucks? Do we need a box?

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