Cargo Security: Christmas and New Year Holiday Awareness

All Holiday Breaks have been prime time for Cargo Thieves, this winter holiday shipping season is no different as there is typically a spike in cargo theft this time of year.

In particular this year both Christmas Day and New Year’s Day occur on a Sunday which may allow for more opportunities for unattended shipments and "dark"   facilities,  as some operations often have different holiday schedules, leaving more opportunities for shipments to be left unattended or parked in unsecured locations for extended periods of time. 

Make sure you take the time to go through your security protocols before the Holidays to ensure all of your personnel are aware of the risks to ensure a "Safe and Secure" Holiday.

  Holiday Weekend Security Protocols


  • Ensure that secure lots used are truly secure and offer services that will prevent theft or unauthorized access.  An extra secure compound should be provided for cargo of high value or cargo that is attractive to thieves (for example, the compound should have a chain link fence of 9-gauge material at least 8 feet high and topped with barbed wire and it should be properly anchored).
  • Employ the use of Security Patrols in lots where cargo might be staged for transport.
  • Use all available security equipment to secure trailers while they are being staged.  King Pin Locks, and landing gear locks are recommended, with high security locks on the cargo doors.
  • Stage loads at secure company yards whenever possible.

On the Road

  • Close truck doors before pulling out into open view in the lot so that surveillance efforts cannot see what has been loaded on to departing trucks.
  • Ensure your "Red Zone" is implemented.  "Red Zone" of 200 to 250 miles.  (The Red Zone area is the distance wherein the driver does not stop after pick-up.)  Drivers should be rested, fueled and all personal needs taken care of so the red zone can be effectively implemented.
  • Encourage open internal communications and the reporting of any "out of norm" occurrences.
  • Drivers should remain vigilant and maintain communication with their dispatch during extended stops at high risk areas such as truck stops and rest areas.
  • Drivers and warehouse workers should not discuss any details regarding loads with anyone; specifically drop locations, routes and contents, if known.
  • Consider a no drop policy keeping the trailer married to the tractor so that the tractor and trailer can be secured. Air Cuff® Locks or other, are recommended for securing tractors anytime the driver is away from the truck.

Additional Security

  • For High Value / High Target Loads consider employing the use of covert tracking devices which will enable geofencing during stops and tracking in the event of a theft.  Employ theft prevention devices to disable fuel, hydraulic, and/or electrical systems.
  • Shippers that utilize covert tracking systems should geofence and route fence staged loads.
  • Consider installing a sensor to alarm the driver when the trailer door is breached.