July 2021
On the Road ... Finally
Family, Fun, Fabric, Food & Friends. LOL. What a mix! I try to include at least three F5’s in my life every day. Last week I hit the jackpot by going home to celebrate my Dad joining the special 9-0 Club. Family and friends gathered for Dad’s milestone. Of course, we were surrounded by awesome foods, the kind only found at potlucks. Everyone was awestruck by Dad’s Snicker birthday cake and cupcakes. There were no leftovers. That weekend, my Aunt Bea, a master quilter, had a fabric sale. No, I did not buy any fabrics, but I learned that one quilt she submitted to the state fair was so exquisitely hand quilted, the judges could not distinguish the front from the back. The quilt was hung backwards. I treasure the memories of learning to sew with Bea.

During this whirlwind trip, my sister got tickets to the “Paris to Hollywood” exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. All those garments by designers – YSL, Dior, Balenciaga - I admired while studying at the University of Nebraska brought back memories. Then I saw designs by my all-time favorite designer, André Courreges. I decided, from this exhibit, that any more clothes I make for myself, will be in the spirit of Courreges. I adore those mini dresses and pant suits, although I will now have to modify for my additional curves. LOL.

Get a glimpse of Dad’s Snicker cake, sleepy kittens, The Wild Animal Sanctuary, and the Denver Art Museum on my personal blog: Sew More Stitches.

My wish for you this summer is to frolic with family, fun, fabric, food & friends.

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Newest Editions
Inspired to SEW #90 focused on machine embroidery. While doing research for that issue, we interviewed John Deer. John Deer is to machine embroidery what Bill Gates is to computers. But maybe the most amazing thing is that his family has actually been in the business of machine embroidery for five generations. How is that even possible?

The evolution of machine embroidery for the home sewer has been mind-boggling. In the 1980s, some sewing machine companies added lettering to their decorative stitches. The machine companies started to attach hoops to their machines in the 1990s, and in the early 2000s, sewing machines started to hook up to the Windows OS.

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Introducing Carica-Stitch!
Personalized Embroidery Caricature Designs
Create your own legacy in stitches! John Deer’s newest product is Carica-Stitch. Just submit a head shot to receive a caricature to stitch. What fun! It’s not too early to make holiday gifts. John has a special price for this new service, so order now! Today’s a great time to submit photos of family and friends.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2021
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A Celebration of Quilting in Canada was last month, a virtual Quilt Canada 2021. Be sure to visit this beautiful show next year, in person, in breathtaking Vancouver BC. Mark your calendar now for June 16-18, 2022. 
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Double Hemstitch — 2.5/100
Embroidery Twin — 2.0/75, 3.0/75
Jeans Twin — 4.0/100
Metallic Twin — 2.5/80, 3.0/90
Stretch Twin — 2.5/75, 4.0/75
Universal Twin — 1.6/70, 1.6/80, 2.0/80,
2.5/80, 3.0/90, 4.0/80, 4.0/90,
4.0/100, 6.0/100, 8.0/100

Also available:
Universal Triple — 2.5/80, 3.0/80
Do You Pintuck?
Susan Beck loves adding texture to flat fabric. One of her favorite ways to do this is by stitching double needle pintucks. She's working on an embellishment project, and created a diagonal grid with pintucks. Add this technique to quilt blocks, pillow fronts, purses, and to almost any other type of project.
To do this, you’ll need a pintuck presser foot (most machines have this available as an optional accessory). You can recognize a pintuck foot by the grooves on the bottom of the foot. The size of one groove is the size of the finished pintuck. You’ll also need a double needle with two spools of thread.
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