When You Need Someone To Care…
Nancy Davis, Executive Director

The beginning of a New Year has traditionally been the time for “Resolutions.” I resolved to stop making those years ago and began thinking of chapters in my book of life. On December 31, 2021, I will officially resign as Executive Director of the North Carolina Caring Dental Professionals. That marks Saturday, January 1, 2022, as the official start of a new chapter in my life. Of course, a new chapter requires an old chapter to close. Closing the chapter of my “11 years” with North Carolina Caring Dental Professionals brings overwhelming feelings of gratitude, appreciation, and sadness. There will always be a bookmark in this chapter to remind me of the many dental professionals who have arrived at the doors of the NCCDP via many different avenues and discovered a successful path for their journey through recovery.  

As I start this chapter it will include fond memories of my time as Executive Director and each of you that I was fortunate to encounter. This program became my career passion and provided much professional satisfaction. When I surrendered to my own disease of addiction 36 years ago, I never imagined the joy and blessing I would receive from carrying a simple message of recovery. I am excited about moving on to the many other opportunities in the recovery world. I will take some time to sketch out the next part of the life journey.

I cannot end this final message without saying farewell to the “Jersey Girls”, Susan and Marge. They also have announced their own new paths to travel in the New Year. They arrived on the scene as retired volunteers in 2014. It wasn’t long before they surrendered retirement and became employees. They discovered and embraced how this program and participants become family to all of us. I want to thank them both for the assistance they provided in fulfilling Dr. CV Winter’s and Dr. Jake Thorpe’s vision of an advocacy program for the dentists and hygienists of North Carolina.  

Life is about cherishing the past, facing the present, and moving ahead towards new milestones in our future.  

Dr. Seuss has said some profound words, one of my favorites 
“Don’t cry because it is over; smile because it happened.”
So Long, Farewell and Happy Holidays
2021 Recipient of the C.V. Winter Advocacy Award
The 2021 CV Winter Advocacy Award represents a story of an advocate who has gone above, beyond, and way longer than the extra mile to lavish many of the CDP Participants with an unprecedented display of support as they travel the journey of recovery. The recipient has been involved with the CDP from early 2000 to present. She has announced her retirement for the end of this year. She has touched the majority of those attending tonight either by the Relapse Group, Individual Therapy, or as a Presenter at many of our conferences. By now most of you have identified Tammy Bell who we are honored to acknowledge as the 2021 CV Winter Advocacy Award. Thank you for your years of touching our life’s. Read More
Living Life Abundantly
By: A Grateful Recovering Dental Hygienist

My placement in the Caring Dental Program, which at the time I thought was the worst thing that ever happened to me, turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me. A slow, solid, steady recovery has led me to a life I enjoy. It has its ups and downs, but sobriety has led to a whole new way of living.

Eye of the Hurricane
By: A Grateful Recovering Dentist

Life is a roller-coaster and we all have our ups and downs. We address what happens and enjoy the good times and persevere through the bad. There is a time or two however when you cannot overcome an obstacle without significant help and this article is my story on how the NCCDP not only saved my career but my life. 

Gratitude is the Key
By: Bill Claytor, Associate Director, NCCDP

The world today we live in today is filled with a plethora of opportunities. We have opportunities to serve others, to give, to receive, and to love. However, one area we sometimes forget about is the opportunity we have each day to express our gratitude for our lives and the privilege to serve others through our dental profession. On days when we feel loved and needed, gratitude comes easy in our lives. On other days, however, our lives may be in darkness and a feeling of gratitude is the furthest thing from our minds. These are the days when we question our purpose in life, whether what we do is worth it or not, or whether we are making a difference in this world.

Thorns and Thankfulness
By: A Grateful Recovering Dental Hygienist

Like many times before, November reminds me to reflect on the things I am grateful for. I usually either write down the year’s events or just replay in my mind all the good things I got to witness, enjoy, and somehow be involved in. We can all agree 2020 was a year that was difficult to always find gratefulness due to the effects of the pandemic and how our world was changed: I wasn’t prepared though for the thorn bushes of 2021.

A Season of Gratitude
By: A Grateful Recovering Addict

Our journey through life brings many ups and downs – many moments of excitement, fun, and fortune. Almost equally we have moments of suffering and adversity. In the past two years of my journey through life, I found a formula to help me cherish both the ups and downs of life. At the heart of this formula is gratitude.

Give The Gift Of Gratitude
During this Holiday Season, instead of popcorn or a box of cookies, consider making a gift to the “Jake Thorpe Fund” of the North Carolina Caring Dental Professionals. This fund provides support to our peers in recovery as they begin their journey of healing and hope.

Representatives of the NCCDP are always available to share the history and mission of the NCCDP with various groups, including hygiene schools, dental schools and any other professional dental organization.
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