When You Need Someone To Care…
Going from "Yes" to "No"!
By Bill Claytor, DDS, MAGD 
Executive Director, NCCDP

One issue that has always plagued the human race has been the lack of individuals setting boundaries. This appears to be a ubiquitous condition common to all cultures and societies. Subsequent consequences may include people being subjected to different types of abuse, whether mental, physical, verbal, or sexual. 

Oftentimes in relationships there is a hierarchy of assumed power and dominance of one person over another. We see this in several aspects of life, from parent-child, teacher-student, manager-employee, politician-staff, to even dentist-employee. In and of themselves, these relationships are not necessarily bad. Understanding these relationships with mutual respect is crucial. However, if not kept in check, they can explode into atypical actions from one person with unintentional consequences for both people. Read More

Thank You, NCCDP!
By a Grateful Volunteer in the NC Caring Dental Professionals

I knew I had a problem. My use had been out of control for years. As I got further into practice, I could tell things were getting worse and I did not know what to do. I found myself at the Caring Dental Professionals in an intervention. Read More
Crash to Compassion
By a Happy Dentist in Recovery

A car crash. A hit and run. An innocent victim injured. Arrested by the police. A DUI. My bottom. Those who understand addiction were nothing but compassionate. Those who did not understand were scared, lost, or angry. 

By a Dental Hygienist in Recovery

How do I find peace in my day? Well, I know this to be true: if I didn’t have the tools I’ve learned living in recovery, it would be difficult. It’s easy and familiar to go about my day as usual. I work at my dental office 3 days a week and fill in at other offices one or two days so my week is full just from a work standpoint. Read More
One Day at a Time
From a Grateful Recovering Hygienist
I wanted to take a moment to share with you about an 8:00 am patient we had at our office the other day. She is 100 years old; she drove herself to the office. Reviewing her Medical History only taking small doses of a blood pressure medicine, she has great mobility and a warm spirit! After we had completed her exam and prophylaxis, I asked her what her (secret) was. She said One Day At A Time. Read More
Is God to Be Trusted?
From a Grateful Recovering Dentist
This may seem a rather odd question, particularly if your “God” is of the omnipotent, omnipresent, and all-knowing variety. In fact, the question may border on blasphemy for some; however, the basis of the query underlines a substantial aspect of recovery.

You may wonder how someone would dare question God’s trustworthiness? Consider the fact that though we would never openly bring our higher power’s trust into question, our actions often speak louder than our words, and those actions often indicate mistrust.It’s not that God has fostered mistrust, it’s simply that we have found a less trustworthy replacement that we choose to rely on…ourselves. Read More
Recovery on a Bike
From a Grateful Recovering Dentist
My relationship with alcohol was complicated. At one time it was only a casual acquaintance that showed up on weekends and holidays, but gradually it became a dinner companion and then almost overnight, it moved in as a permanent resident when my wife and daughter, tired of competing for my time and attention, moved out. We really never had the discussion about boundaries, so soon, it creeped into my daily routines. Forever an athlete, my daily workout routine was lifelong until it was displaced by wine flights and beer tastings and sports bars, but eventually even they were forgotten when my co-dependence with my new life companion wouldn’t allow it. 
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