When You Need Someone To Care…
New NCCDP Administrative Director

Hello. My name is Bill Claytor and I am honored and excited to be the new Administrative Director, as of January 1, 2022, for the North Carolina Caring Dental Professionals (NCCDP). I am a retired general dentist of 39 years from Shelby, NC. I have been associated with the NCCDP for over 25 years and now have the opportunity to be associated with a new beginning for our organization. I would like to personally thank our previous Executive Director, Nancy Davis, for handing off a healthy organization that continues to serve our suffering dental professionals in North Carolina. 

In today’s world, we are in a constant state of flux. Wars, pandemics, and economic uncertainty are constant variables we see in our daily lives. Pressures that society has never had to deal with simultaneously are an ever-present reality. Along with these pressures and stressors come anxiety, panic attacks, depression, burnout, alcohol/drug use, and unfortunately suicide ideation (thoughts) and even suicide. Dentists and dental hygienists are not immune to these mental health dilemmas.

Fortunately, North Carolina’s dental professionals have resources available to confront and address these issues. The NCCDP is one resource for dentists and dental hygienists to receive help with these conditions. We also have resources for family members who may be experiencing related issues to receive help.

I would encourage any dentist or dental hygienist who is overwhelmed with life’s stressors to reach out to the North Carolina Caring Dental Professionals for assistance. Our toll-free number is 800-230-3934. We are here to help.
Thank you,

Bill Claytor, DDS, MAGD
NCCDP, Administrative Director
The Help I Needed
The process of recovery has been rewarding and sometimes difficult for me. No switch was flipped to suddenly change my life for the better. I have needed and received the help and guidance of the NCCDP. I have worked on myself to treat my alcoholism. And that recovery work has resulted in my ability to be comfortable with and confident in myself. I am now one of those “healthier and happier” people. Now as I face retirement I am thankful to have not lost everything to alcoholism. Sadly, I know many souls who did. Read More
Restoring Hope
By: A Grateful Recovering Dentist

As time went on I was able to manage my life better. I started to appreciate things that I had taken for granted. I realized the gift of sobriety and everything it had to offer me. Reaching out to ask for help became easier. Listening to others in the program and how they used different coping strategies allowed me to see that I could have a new and very rewarding life.

Eye of the Hurricane
By: A Grateful Recovering Dentist

The thrust of this writing is to make sure when someone asks you, “What are your hobbies?” or “What is your art?” that you have an enthusiastic and passionate answer and are ready to get into a long discussion about why it has made your life better. Get into your brain and out of your head. You are already in an artistic field. Now use those skills.

A Grateful Recovering Hygienist
I will forever be grateful to all those associated with the NCCDP program (Nancy, Susan, Bill, my PSV(s), the many speakers at our conferences, and other participants). Not only did the CDP save my career but it saved my life and restored my hope. Coming into the program, it seemed like a tall order, what was asked of us, but in reality, it isn’t. We went to any lengths in active addiction, so why wouldn’t we do the same for our recovery?

Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Kindness
By: A Grateful Recovering Hygienist

I carried a lot of shame about my alcoholism. And that is unfortunate, but I did. Forgiveness is necessary for my recovery. And it starts with forgiving myself. I’ll close with a lyric by Don Henley; “The more I know, the less I understand…. but I think it’s about…. forgiveness." I am a dental hygienist who’s grateful to be in recovery.

Representatives of the NCCDP are always available to share the history and mission of the NCCDP with various groups, including hygiene schools, dental schools and any other professional dental organization.
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