When You Need Someone To Care…
A Message of Gratitude
By Bill Claytor, DDS, MAGD 
Executive Director, NCCDP

I want to express my gratitude for all the opportunities and blessings that I have had the privilege to be able to experience in 2022, especially as your Executive Director of the North Carolina Caring Dental Professionals. First of all I want to thank all those associated with the NCCDP, including the participants, advocates, Peer Support Volunteers and our Board of Directors for their support and love I have felt during my first year. Your encouragement and help have personally been a source of inspiration and support to me.

I love to spread the message that the NCCDP continues to be a resource for those individuals and their families in need of help, not only from alcohol and drugs but those suffering from associated mental health disorders, such as burnout and depression. I encourage you that if you or a family member are experiencing any of these conditions that there is hope! Living proof of that is the participants who have experienced life-saving care from treatment providers and then the advocacy and monitoring the NCCDP can provide. Read More

Mind, Body and Spirit
By a Grateful Dentist in Recovery

Question: Do you remember that feeling of wide open confidence before the world introduced doubt? I do and would start with that if you relate… in some ways I think that’s what we ultimately need to “recover” in Recovery.
My Life Line
By a Grateful Recovering Dental Professional

I truly have no words to express the gratitude that I have for the North Carolina Caring Dental Program and the gifts the program has afforded me, my family and my practice. Read More

A Practice of Gratitude
By a Grateful Recovering Dentist

Prior to my life in recovery, I lived most days in negativity. I worried over most things. Money, people who didn’t do what I thought they should do and most everything that didn’t seem to go my way. It was so amazing how much energy living with a negative attitude took. Read More
Bondage vs. Freedom
By a Grateful Recovering Addict
I was enslaved by my addiction, preventing me from seeing beyond the black and dreary existence of my day-to-day life. When I wasn't using, I was isolated in my room, figuring out ways to stay numb. After failed attempts to support me, my friends started to distance themselves. My family was exhausted. They tried everything they could think of, (numerous rehabs, counselors, psychiatrists), but nothing worked. My health started to deteriorate and my soul was lost. As the big book says, "I was at the jumping-off point, I wished for the end". Read More
I Am Grateful
With Gratitude from a Recovering Dental Professional
How my life might have unfolded without my involvement with the CDP, I will never know. What I do know is that the structure the organization mandated became the frameworkI needed as I worked to open the door to life without alcohol. The CDP program, guided by science, has as its mission to identify, intervene and assist members of the dental profession and their families who suffer the consequences of alcohol or other drug abuse or addiction, stress and professional burnout or other impairments. The program works! Read More
Opportunity in Recovery
From a Grateful Recovering Alcoholic
I began my journey in recovery practically straight out of dental school and it felt as though my life was over. My father had recently passed and now something that I had been working towards for so long was slipping right through my fingers. I was introduced to NC Caring Dental Professionals, and with their guidance things started to change, not overnight but exactly when they needed to. Now, looking back, after so many years since beginning my recovery there is so much to be grateful for. But for me, the most important thing the recovery has given me is opportunity. Read More
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