When You Need Someone To Care…
Connection Is Essential
By A Grateful Recovering Dentist

In 2015, I started an important and life-changing journey that would complement every aspect of my being. I had arrived, in 2015, at a point in my life that was unmanageable and almost unbearable. Finding balance in being a husband, being a father, being a healthcare professional, being a business owner, managing staff, managing the schedule, caring for our patients, and trying to care for me in the time left seemed impossible. I found myself in the routine starting my day with a cup of coffee; then I proceeded to put out the first fire of the day and continue the firefighting until early evening when I could “numb” the stress from the day with a drink or a pill so I could get up the next day and do it all again. This routine had consumed my life for years, and something had to give! I was spiritually and emotionally emptied, sick, and burned out! Read More

NC Caring Dental Professionals Fundraising 
By Dr. Cynthia Bolton
Volunteer Coordinator for Dentists 
Step 12: “Having had a Spiritual Awakening as a result of these steps; we tried to carry the message to alcoholics (others) and to practice these principles in all our affairs.”

Step 12, at its most basic level, is a blend of spirituality, carrying the message and daily practice. In what ways do you practice Step 12?

 I am sure you have many you can list. As a member of the North Carolina Caring Dental Professionals Fundraising Committee, I would like for you to prayerfully consider one more.

The North Carolina Caring Dental Professionals raises money for the Jake Thorpe Fund. This fund distributes no-interest loans to participants who need treatment but are financially challenged. The loans are structured to be paid in full when the participant finishes their contract with NCCDP. When a dentist or a dental hygienist is identified as in need of services from NCCDP, they are often at a very low point, not only spiritually, physically, and emotionally, but also financially. These loans make the difference for many to see their way to recovery. Read More
2020 North Carolina Burnout Survey Final Findings
Burnout is a severe problem affecting medical personnel and healthcare organizations. New technologies, regulations, electronic health records, and increase market pressures are driving rapid change in the healthcare workplace. These changes to organizations and care delivery models impact how care is delivered and how it is experienced by patients. If the resulting work environment is not a good fit with physicians and other medical personnel, this can lead to staff burnout.

The information at the link below is the findings on the NC Burnout Survey through November 30, 2020. The survey is sponsored by the NC Caring Dental Professionals and endorsed by the NC Dental Society and NC Dental Society Foundation. 

Two-Part Series, Women in Dentistry:  
We Juggle Different Stuff from the Men
Submitted By An Exceptional Female Dentist

When I was growing up, I can remember my parents telling me I could “Be Anything I Wanted to Be.” I always thought that this was a good message for a parent to give a child, especially a little girl.  However, I have learned that most messages need to be tempered with qualifiers. In my case, it would have been much better for me to hear: “You Can Be Anything You Want to Be, Just Remember, You Can’t Be Everything!”

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