When You Need Someone To Care…
Nancy Davis
N. C. Caring Dental Professionals
Executive Director
I have been thinking a lot about the holidays especially the traditions that we all enjoy and the gifts we give. Now in 2020, I must add the health and safety of all the North Carolina Dental Professionals, their families and other loved ones during this meaningful time in people’s lives.

I think back to my childhood, my children’s childhood, and the joy we had celebrating the traditions that were passed down from past generations .  These are such cherished memories that my family has continued the traditions. I hope generations to come will share that sense of wonder and joy.

For many of us the holidays will be different this year as we may find ourselves away from those whom we might normally host or visit.  I know I am looking for ways to carry on all the special traditions which will inevitably carry unique meaning for those of us who have to spend the 2020 holidays apart.

Most everyone knows the country is experiencing a resurgence of COVID-19 infections. Household gatherings are being named as one of the primary causes, and experts warn the increase in cases will continue as temperatures drop.  People will be spending more time indoors as the holiday season approaches.

Here are some helpful tips that health experts are providing for navigating safely through the holidays:
·       2020 holiday gatherings will have to cater to smaller guest lists and emphasize practicality, intimacy, simplicity, and gratitude
·       Think small. If normal, is to meet up with 30 friends or family, think again
·       Celebrate with a virtual dinner
·       Shop online
·       Embrace your power to say ‘no’
·       Be practical and endure the cold by holding gatherings outside
·       Follow the rules
·       Invoke gratitude

While coping with the disappointment about this year’s holiday season can be a challenge, I find looking forward to next year as a big help.  We do not know what the future holds. We need to accept the reality of what is happening at the moment. It is going to continue to get better and we need to adapt and be resilient together.  We can allow ourselves to feel hope about our future, holidays, trips, and milestones we want to reach.  If you cannot have a traditional experience this year envision the years past with a smile.

The NCCDP wishes each and every North Carolina Dental Professional a safe and memorable holiday with a joyous welcoming of the New Year 2021.
The Importance of Self-Care

Have you ever felt like you’ve hit an absolute low point? That, if one more little thing goes wrong, you’re just going to snap? I reached that point last February, which seems like a lifetime ago!

Update: Dentistry & Covid-19
Bill Claytor, Jr., DDS, MAGD
N. C. Caring Dental Professionals
Associate Director

As the Summer of 2020 approached, social unrest and a contentious presidential race permeated the land only adding more stress to our lives. We saw a volatile stock market which only exacerbated the uncertainty of the future. Increased tensions among family members, concerns about whether the Fall school year would be in person or continue online, plus continued job losses and uncertainty became real issues that led to more stress and burnout.

Dentistry has historically been through difficult times in the past. In today’s continuing pandemic, we will survive and thrive but only if we are pro-active and seek help for our unique practice challenges.

2020 North Carolina Burnout Survey Preliminary Findings
The information at the link below is the preliminary findings on the NC Burnout Survey through November 13, 2020. The survey is sponsored by the NC Caring Dental Professionals and endorsed by the NC Dental Society and NC Dental Society Foundation. The statistics are approximate and the final report will be in more detail at the end of the survey campaign after November 30, 2020. The final report with commentary and summary suggestions will appear in the NCCDP Caring Connections digital newsletter that will be published in the Spring of 2021. 

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