All Saints' Episcopal Church Newsletter
June 23, 2019
Our Vision Statement: A community living and growing in unity with God and all people through Christ.
Our Mission Statement: To seek God in reverent worship, service to neighbors, gracious hospitality, and the pursuit of wisdom.
Celebrating Our Fathers at All Saints'

All during the month of June Parishioners are invited to share pictures and stories about their fathers. Beginning on Sunday, June 16, a bulletin board in Shoemaker Hall will display pictures of our fathers; postings should include your father's name, your name, and can include mention of an event, or of a happy memory, the picture evokes.  
Bring your father's picture (labeled for return of an original, or post a copy) and pin it on the special "Dad's Display" bulletin board- cards will be provided for labeling and posting pictures, names, and memories.
The Christ Haunted South in Three Flannery O'Conner Short Stories

Flannery O'Connor was a renowned writer of often dark southern short stories. However, O'Connor was a devout Roman Catholic, and her stories can be read through a religious lens.
Deborah Wilson and Charles Tyrone, who teach English at Arkansas Tech, will complete their "pop up" Sunday School classes, looking at O'Connor as a religious writer. Last week, Deborah led a discussion on "Greenleaf". On Sunday, June 23, she will continue with a discussion of  "The Displaced Person." On June 30, Charles will discuss with the Faith and Reason class "Revelation."
The classes meet starting at 9:15 AM in the library. Copies of the stories will be available at the church office, or you can send an email to , and a scanned copy of the stories will be sent to you.
Here's a link to the complete O'Connor stories:
Summer Camps at Camp Mitchell

For almost 70 years, children ages 6-18 have spent part of their summer at Camp Mitchell, learning new skills, making new friends, and learning about the love God has for each of them. Camp Mitchell's programming is grounded in the belief that children grow when given opportunities to explore, play, and engage in meaningful friendships. Each year summer camp has a theme and each week the leaders of the week incorporate that theme into Christian-focused programming. Along with this intentional faith-based component, children are offered multiple opportunities each day to play, explore, and create. At the end of each week, kids will head home, taking with them craft projects, new friendships, and a more deeply grounded faith.


June 9-14 Senior High (completed 9th-12th)

June 16-21 Junior High (completed 6th-8th)

June 23-27 Robert R. Brown I

July 7-12 Primary (completed 1st-3rd)

July 14-19 Middler (completed 4th-5th)

July 21-26 Dick Johnston Camp 

July 28-Aug. 1 Robert R. Brown II

Aug. 4-9 Arts/Adventure Week

You will see on the registration link a $100 deposit is required at registration to secure your camper's spot. The rest of payment is due by June 1st or at the time of drop off.  Please let Rev. Michaelene know if your child or youth hopes to attend a session of summer camp at Camp Mitchell and if any financial assistance is needed. There are some scholarship funds available through the church.
Commissioning Ministry Teams

On Sundays throughout the month of June, at both the 8:00am and 10:30am service, the All Saints' congregation will commission each Ministry Team that hosts and serves during worship. If you are on a Ministry Team, please be present on your assigned Sunday even if you don't have a set role this month. Thank you all so much for your ministry and dedication to worship at All Saints'.

Caring for Creation: A What, Why and How

Starting on Sunday, June 9th at 6:00pm, you are invited to join others at All Saints' Episcopal Church to explore a five-week curriculum entitled "Caring for Creation: A What, Why, and How." This class was developed by Jolyon Larson, a native of Conway who grew up attending St. Peter's Episcopal Church. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Natural Resources from the University of Vermont. He has developed this curriculum to be an interdisciplinary dialogue about the scientific basis for human impacts on the planet, the ethical basis for action, the role of faith, and the personal and policy choices for change. The Rev. Michaelene Miller and Jolyon Larson will offer this five-week class at All Saints' at 6:00pm on Sunday evenings beginning on June 9th. Please join us.

Sunday Morning Snacks

We are looking for a few volunteers to provide Sunday snacks at Coffee Hour for the months of July and August. Fresh fruit, breakfast pastries or cookies, and eggs are all good options, but anything you bring will be appreciated! If you are interested in supporting this ministry, please contact the Marcia Van Horn or the office.

Practicing Prayer:  Exploring and Expanding our Friendship with God

Practicing Prayer: Exploring and Expanding our Friendship
with God
Practicing Prayer is a gathering for those interested in deepening their
friendship with God. Our next meeting is June 23 at 4:30 to 5:30 in
the Youth Room. We will pray in silence for 20 minutes and then
continue our discussion of Richard Rohr's new book The Universal
Christ , with Chapter 11, "This is my Body." Please come even if you
have not yet read this. All are welcome.

First Thursday Book Talks

Since the first Thursday in July is our national holiday, readers will gather on Thursday, July 11,  from 12-1 in the library to discuss  Where the Dead Sit Talking by Brandon Hobson. For more information please see First Thursday Book Talks at All Saints' on Facebook or call Elizabeth Franks at 479-264-0336.
Neighbor's Table

Please join us!  We serve lunch every Saturday 12:00 to 1:00 PM. All are welcome!
Thanks to those whose generosity helps us serve delicious, nutritious meals every week.  We continue to welcome newcomers to Neighbors Table nearly every week.  Please remember Neighbors Table in your prayers.
Volunteers are welcome to join the teams on Saturdays  from 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM or for a couple hours during this time to help prepare food, serve or clean up after lunch.  Schedules and dates are listed on the sign-up white boards in Sutherland Hall.  Anyone with questions or would like to serve in other ways contact Catherine Crews at 479-264-4346 who will be coordinating the bulletin and team volunteers while Sue Hastings-Bishop is out of town June 9-August 12.
June 22  Catherine Crews and Suzanne Alford Hodges (AS Lead)  with Community Involvement Project (Crystal Ruiz and Leah) (Full) Menu: Tuna Noodle casserole, corn vegetable, and biscuits. Dessert: peach crisp  
June 29  4th of July meal Carolyn McLellan AS Lead  with Diane Roach, Karla Powell, Ricki Duffee, Tom Patton and David Williams.  Menu: Smoked Pork on bun, coleslaw, potato chips. Dessert: cake and ice cream
July 6   We need a full team for July 6.  Please sign up.   Menu:  Turkey veggie stir fry, rice, peach crisp.  (Menu can be revised if you have something else in mind.)
July 13 Need All Saint's Lead  and with Diane Roach, Ricki Duffee, Jeannie Stone, David Williams and 1 more volunteer. Menu: Sloppy Joes on buns, pasta salad with veg., Dessert:  TBA

Loaves and Fish
Worshipers at the All Saints' 10:30 service on June 2 witnessed a joyful Zachary Franks pull a little red wagon and deliver to the altar, on behalf of the people, a few boxes of cereal; it was a holy moment. Parishioner's donations of cereal, toilet paper, detergent, and personal hygiene items are re-gifted to our guests at Neighbors Table. Some of our friends in the "Neighbors Table Congregation" of All Saints' live in Yell County; these items will be especially helpful during the coming weeks of flood recovery.
Donations can be placed in the red wagon parked in the hall behind the Nave, or delivered to the church office. Phala Anderson (479 886-0116) coordinates this program and can answer any questions.
Common Grounds
Join us on June 28th at All Saints' for frappuccino and cheesecake, along with a short film and discussion. Coffee and dessert will be served in the parish hall beginning at 6:30 pm; a short film on interfaith spirituality will be shown at 7pm, with a discussion following. All are welcome! Thanks to Rudy Delabra for hosting.  
Remember In Your Prayers  
Weekly Prayers:
Don Price, Jeni Green, Pam Van Horn, Charlie Bradford, Kathy Booth, Debra West, Susan Powell, Tony Pusey, Tony Lee, Jack and Carol Lee, Belen Hernandez, Alberto Rosado, Mercedes Mos, Katie Owen and Meshell McCormick.
Long Term Prayers:
Sandy Britt, Gib Bewley, Tom Munson, Caleb Judd, William Gillum, Lillian Tweed, Aaron Tackett, Mike Miller, Michelle, Barbara Johnson, Jeannie McCabe, Arthur Hastings, Isaac, Sarah Lee, The Kellner Family, Christine Ivy, Donna Van Horn, Rudy Jr., Israel, Bernice Delabra and Family, Espinosa Family, Pam Lundquist, Henry Wilkinson, Susan Shelton, Maxima Vargas, Don Hudson, Joy Anderson, Robert Woods, Jim and Marilyn Tischhauser, Nancy Kersh, and Diane Tollison.
Readings For the Second Sunday after Pentecost

The First Reading                                                Isaiah 65:1-9

I  was ready to be sought out by those who did not ask,
to be found by those who did not seek me.
I said, "Here I am, here I am,"
to a nation that did not call on my name.
I held out my hands all day long to a rebellious people,
who walk in a way that is not good,
following their own devices;
a people who provoke me
to my face continually,
sacrificing in gardens
and offering incense on bricks;
who sit inside tombs,
and spend the night in secret places;
who eat swine's flesh,
with broth of abominable things in their vessels;
who say, "Keep to yourself,
do not come near me, for I am too holy for you."
These are a smoke in my nostrils,
a fire that burns all day long.
See, it is written before me:
I will not keep silent, but I will repay;
I will indeed repay into their laps
their iniquities and their ancestors' iniquities together,
says the Lord;
because they offered incense on the mountains
and reviled me on the hills,
I will measure into their laps
full payment for their actions.
Thus says the Lord:
As the wine is found in the cluster,
and they say, "Do not destroy it, 
for there is a blessing in it,"
so I will do for my servants' sake,
and not destroy them all.
I will bring forth descendants from Jacob,
and from Judah inheritors of my mountains;
my chosen shall inherit it,
and my servants shall settle there.
Psalm 22:18-27

18  B e not far away, O Lord; *
you are my strength; hasten to help me.
19 Save me from the sword, *
my life from the power of the dog.
20 Save me from the lion's mouth, *
my wretched body from the horns of wild bulls.
21 I will declare your Name to my brethren; *
in the midst of the congregation I will praise you.
22 Praise the Lord, you that fear him; *
stand in awe of him, O offspring of Israel;
all you of Jacob's line, give glory.
23 For he does not despise nor abhor the poor in their poverty;
neither does he hide his face from them; *
but when they cry to him he hears them.
24 My praise is of him in the great assembly; *
I will perform my vows in the presence of those who worship him.
25 The poor shall eat and be satisfied,
and those who seek the Lord shall praise him: *
"May your heart live for ever!"
26 All the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to the Lord, *
and all the families of the nations shall bow before him.
27 For kingship belongs to the Lord; *
he rules over the nations.

The Second Reading                                   Galatians 3:23-29
Now before faith came, we were imprisoned and guarded under the law until faith would be revealed. Therefore the law was our disciplinarian until Christ came, so that we might be justified by faith. But now that faith has come, we are no longer subject to a disciplinarian, for in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith. As many of you as were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus. And if you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham's offspring, heirs according to the promise.

The Gospel:                                                         Luke 8:26-39
Jesus and his disciples arrived at the country of the Gerasenes, which is opposite Galilee. As he stepped out on land, a man of the city who had demons met him. For a long time he had worn no clothes, and he did not live in a house but in the tombs. When he saw Jesus, he fell down before him and shouted at the top of his voice, "What have you to do with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? I beg you, do not torment me" -- for Jesus had commanded the unclean spirit to come out of the man. (For many times it had seized him; he was kept under guard and bound with chains and shackles, but he would break the bonds and be driven by the demon into the wilds.) Jesus then asked him, "What is your name?" He said, "Legion"; for many demons had entered him. They begged him not to order them to go back into the abyss.
Now there on the hillside a large herd of swine was feeding; and the demons begged Jesus to let them enter these. So he gave them permission. Then the demons came out of the man and entered the swine, and the herd rushed down the steep bank into the lake and was drowned.
When the swineherds saw what had happened, they ran off and told it in the city and in the country. Then people came out to see what had happened, and when they came to Jesus, they found the man from whom the demons had gone sitting at the feet of Jesus, clothed and in his right mind. And they were afraid. Those who had seen it told them how the one who had been possessed by demons had been healed. Then all the people of the surrounding country of the Gerasenes asked Jesus to leave them; for they were seized with great fear. So he got into the boat and returned. The man from whom the demons had gone begged that he might be with him; but Jesus sent him away, saying, "Return to your home, and declare how much God has done for you." So he went away, proclaiming throughout the city how much Jesus had done for him.

Weekly Service Times

Sundays: Holy Eucharist 8 & 10:30 am
Sunday School for Adults 9:15am
Kids Sunday School and Kid's Connection - summer break
Wednesdays: Holy Eucharist 6:30 pm
Activities During the Week
Practicing Prayer 4:30-5:30pm
@TheTable - summer break
AA Meeting 12:00 noon
Healing Prayer by appointment
ACOA Meeting 8:00 am
Yoga 5:30 pm
Fit Girls 5:30 am
Bible Study - summer break
Diabetes Support: 11:00 am (2nd Wed.)
ACOA Meeting 12:00 noon
Daughters of the King 4:30 pm. (1st. Wed.)
Episcopal Youth Community - summer break
Old Hymn Sing 5:45 pm (3rd Wed.)
Choir Practice 7:15 pm
Book Talk 12:00 noon (1st Thursday)
Vestry 6-8pm (3rd Thursday)
Fit Girls 5:30 am
AA Meeting 12:00 noon
Neighbors Table: 12:00 noon

Phone Numbers for Pastoral Emergencies

The priests of All Saints' want to provide their personal phone numbers so that, in case of a pastoral emergency, you can easily reach them. Please save these in your personal records. This information is also available on Realm, All Saints' online directory.   
The Rev. Teri Daily: 479-774-2722
The Rev. Michaelene Miller: 501-944-0673

Contributions Statements: Please Check

Your contribution statements are now available online anytime you want to check on the fulfillment of your pledges or contributions. Click on the MEMBERS tab at the bottom to login to your account. You will find all your gifts separated by designations on the giving tab.
Everything that All Saints' does is supported by your gifts.
We welcome pledges and contributions in any amount.
Pledge online at, Click Give.
Or text allsaintsgift to 73256
Scheduling and Submitting Announcements 

Scheduling for the Church Calendar
If you would like to schedule an event or book a room for a meeting, please contact Sherrie Cotton at the church office (479-968-3622, during office hours) or send an email request to to secure your appointment in the church calendar and to avoid double booking with another group.

Submitting an Announcement for the Newsletter
If you would like to have an announcement appear in the bulletin and/or in our church email, please submit your announcement to no later than 10am on the Tuesday before the Sunday you would like it to appear.
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