June 2020 | CWD UPDATE
Extending Welcome + Hospitality
to the Community During a Pandemic

Welcome and hospitality—two values that define and inform everything we do at City with Dwellings --- look a little different in this pandemic.

But masks can’t conceal smiles or silence kind words, as we continue to support and work with the most vulnerable in our community.
O ur work continues, and we are grateful for your support!

Following the CDC guidelines for disinfecting to prevent the spread of the virus, we do a lot of cleaning to keep guests, staff, and volunteers safe. Every computer, phone, and work area is cleaned after every use and high-touch surfaces are frequently cleaned throughout the day. We encourage regular hand-washing, and hand sanitizers are strategically placed throughout the CFC.

Even with all the limitations and extra precautions, much is happening at the CFC. The numbers below give a snapshot of May at CWD.
Lea Thullbery continues her work, actively engaging and supporting individuals experiencing homelessness at the CFC each day, and continues to build our Street Outreach efforts.

We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with the City, United Way, Bethesda Center for the Homeless, and Samaritan Ministries in the Medically Fragile Shelter work.
Read more about this in the next story and hear the stories of Lee and Angie as they share their experience at the Medically Fragile Shelter-in Place Project.
But we miss our volunteers!
In addition to asking everyone to wear masks, we are limiting the number of individuals we invite inside the CFC in order to keep everyone socially distanced.

Right now—our volunteer needs are minimal, but we do need a few volunteers who are tech-savvy and would enjoy helping guests access resources online during morning open hours at the CFC, as well as some individuals who could help with general needs.   

If you can help, please email us at  cwdcommunityfirst@gmail.com .  
The Important work at the Medically Fragile Shelter Continues for a Second Month.
Now in the second month of our work at the Medically Fragile Shelter, we are incredibly encouraged by the immense progress of our guests.
With the hard and diligent work of case managers from the Bethesda Center, the dedication of Wake Forest medical students who have helped to connect guests to medical and pharmaceutical care, the timely transport to appointments by CwD staff, the compassionate attention of gifted monitors and Peer Support Specialists, and the creative engagement and programming lead by CwD, guests have been wrapped in supportive and transformative community.
We're also immensely grateful for the generous donations of snacks, drinks, art supplies, and other in-room activities that have kept our guests well fed and entertained as they've sheltered in place these last five weeks. In addition to in-room activity, guests also have had the option to enjoy afternoon social engagement and weekly movie nights!

While we could share many stories about the encouraging work happening with our neighbors- the stories are better told from our guests themselves!

Stories of Hope
to watch Lee's Story
to watch Angie's Story
Easy Ways To Get Involved
We need volunteers who enjoy research and are comfortable with technology. We also need help with sanitizing and disinfecting spaces. We're open Tue/Wed/Thur from 9:30-11:30 am.

Donate snacks bags or drinks for our guests sheltering in place.
Click HERE for more information.
Click HERE to sign up!

Bake 70 servings of a special snack to share with our guests at the hotel. Snacks should be individually packaged.
Click HERE to sign-up!
Be a part of a weekly shopping team to help fulfill orders from our guests sheltering in place.

As always, we remain grateful for the ways we are committed
to Building a Better* community together.
"Love is the answer. Community is the context."
We Are City with Dwellings
Thank you for your continued support of the important work of City with Dwellings. Our partners and volunteers have helped create a person-centered, community-based model of support and care for the most vulnerable in our city.

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