Caring for the Caregiver
A Clergy Wellness Workshop
Special Guest Speaker: Dr. Ron King
(Former Executive Director of Pastoral Institute)
Clergy are on the front line in their congregations and communities. They are rewarded for being workaholics and the expectations that they are always available for others can become overwhelming.  The demands of ministry and life at time can turn stress into distress and have a negative impact on their physical, spiritual, and relational lives.  Clergy can lose their perspectives and may lose touch with those most precious to them.

This Caring for the Caregiver workshop will:
  • Examine the problem
  • Examine the research on clergy stress
  • Explore the consequences of this stress
  • Provide practical and realistic actions clergy can take to balance their ministry with their personal, spiritual, physical, and relational needs.
(Increasing self-awareness and exploring where they are in the differentiation process as well as strengthening their personal spiritual lives will also be included.)

Helping clergy fulfill their calling "where their deep gladness meets the world's deep needs", as Buechner suggests, is the ultimate goal of this experience.
March 19th, 2015
9:45am to 3:00pm
Johns Creek 
United Methodist Church
Gathering Room
11180 Medlock Bridge Road
Johns Creek, GA  30097
Cost: $50 (lunch included)
CEU's Available through NGUMC
Call the Summit at 678-893-5300 to register.
(Limited seating for 75)
We hope that you will be able to join us for this 
special event.
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