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March 25, 2020
Caring is Contagious

In order to maintain social distance, last week I had groceries delivered to my house. The man who delivered the groceries said he had rented the car he was driving and had started delivering groceries to people because it was a way to help people right now. He said he doesn't own a car :) This made my day!
-Rebecca B.
The other day I was at Safeway to shop. The environment was moderately tense with all of the panic buying going on. After getting my things gathered I got in line to purchase my items. There was a lady at the register combing through her purse obviously looking for something. She had forgot her wallet and could not pay for the items. The customer directly behind her paid for her items. Nice to see that humanity is still around some of the time. The situation made my day for sure.
-Jayme S.

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COVID-19 Outbreak Impacts People In Addiction Recovery
Long before the pandemic, this country was trying to fight another public health emergency - addiction. Doctors are now warning that the coronavirus could escalate deaths for drug and alcohol users unless recovery and treatment programs change.

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In a world where social interaction can mean the difference between staying off alcohol and drugs or going back to addiction, Pikes Peak region recovery groups are working to balance the need to keep people apart and keeping them sober .
Can you relate???
People in Recovery are doing really well right now. We are used to an invisible illness trying to kill us, and who of us hasn't been quarantined for at least 28 days in rehab or jail? We were made for this. - Sobermode
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