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Carioca Productions NewsletterDecember 21, 2012
Happy End Of The World Day everyone,


If you are reading this we are all safe and whirling towards the future like we have been for the last 4 billion years or so.


At least we had ourselves an unforgettable after-hours last weekend at XION with ABEL simply bringing the house down until 8 am. What a ride!


Now come out tomorrow night to celebrate having survived the Mayan Apocalypse with another master of the beats MANNY LEHMAN at JUNGLE. It is going to be out of this world - pardon the pun.


And get ready to celebrate the New Year next weekend with ROLAND BELMARES, JALIL Z, OREN NIZRI, PHIL B and ALEXANDER. Welcome 2013.


See you soon,

"Life is good but music makes it much better." 


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