Carlson Announces Two New Flexible Programs for Your Business
Carlson is now offering flexible options to enable you to work more efficiently in the current environment. First, we are now offering both a new 90-day software license option on our most popular software, allowing users who do not normally need their own license to work from home affordably. Second, we're offering special low interest financing plans , including deferred payments, for purchases of software and hardware. 

The details and pricing of both of these options are outlined here .

Remember that Carlson support is still fully operational. We know you’re facing new challenges on a daily basis now, so please feel free to reach out to Carlson support or your local dealer us if you have any specific issues or questions.
Carlson Webinar Series: Photogrammetry with Carlson PhotoCapture–Fast, Accurate, and Accessible
Carlson Software is excited to announce the launch of a new webinar series on aerial surveying and photogrammetry, hosted by key Carlson team members and premiering Monday April 13 th at 8am ET. This set of courses includes:

Explore procedures to ensure optimal flight planning and help attain higher accuracy for your Drone Survey Project.

Class 2: 4/14 8am ET: From Carlson PhotoCapture to CAD
Drone Surveys are only half of the job. Once the images are processed into an orthoimage or point cloud in Carlson PhotoCapture it is time to extract 3D models, volumes, profiles and polylines. This class will show you the "In-Browser" tools in Carlson PhotoCapture and the link to Carlson Civil to further process and present the data.

Learn how to use powerful tools directly in Carlson PhotoCapture and Virtually Survey your site. Produce relevant map deliverables with Carlson Survey powerful Automatic Drawing.

Transform PDFs and raster images into usable DWG data sets with Carlson CadNET. Import BIM models into CAD.

Click on the course name above to register for a single course, or register for all four courses here .
Working With Cloud Data and Surfaces
By Doug Aaberg

Everyone who has worked with a drone or scanner has come to realize the difficulties that are often presented with that method of mapping. The final output, beyond just an image file, usually comes in the form of a point cloud, a LAS or a similar format. These clouds contain a tremendous amount of data and even a small cloud still contains several million points.
If all of those “cloud Points” were brought directly into a typical CAD platform, the drawing would become largely unworkable. Contours created from a cloud are far more convenient but oftentimes are not acceptable from a cosmetic perspective. This blog focuses on a method of utilizing public Lidar data and creating a surface model that is both easier to work with and will create contours that are more pleasing to look at...

Oh Man...
By Steve Cummings

Oh man, oh man, oh man….

Just what the heck is going on? Well, a few weeks ago I had all this stuff going on: getting ready to travel from one coast to another for conferences, preparing class presentations, renewing my passport just in case.

Now, even though I’ve spent twice as much on groceries this past month as I normally do, I’m looking to cut expenses everywhere I can. Just in case.

I’m pretty sure you are, too.

You might be looking at large monthly subscription charges for your photogrammetry processing or your CAD software. You made plans based on an economic environment that suddenly changed beyond recognition in ways that were, literally, unimaginable just a few short weeks ago. Now, bills that were “Just what it is” have become “Holy Smokes, I’m paying that?!”

Working Remotely with Carlson

If you and your staff are implementing work from home procedures, you may be wondering about how this affects your Carlson licensing:

If you have standalone licenses, you are entitled to install Carlson in both a work (office) and home (laptop) computer. After installing the program to the home computer, you will need to register it by selecting option “4. Home/laptop use”.

If your Carlson software is being managed through network licenses, you will be able to commute or “check out” the licenses to laptop or home computers. Below are some key articles on managing your licenses to allow you to work remotely:

Learn more about Carlson's COVID-19 response  here .
Map Into the Void
by Anthony Comber

For many mine sites around the world, the juxtaposition of a modern, open pit site with historic underground workings raises concerns of a potentially catastrophic hazard such as ground instability caused by the presence of old cavities underneath current mining operations.

The Carlson Hybrid+ Solution
Survey with GPS and Total Station Together!
Get started with hybrid surveying for as little as $500!
Microsoft Retires Windows 7–Update to Carlson 2020 on Windows 10!
If you're among the many who will need to update to Windows 10 now that Windows 7 is officially unsupported, keep in mind that Carlson 2015 and older are not officially supported on Windows 10.

Contact your regional rep or click below to update your Carlson software with full support for Windows 10!
Carlson 2020 Update–User Action Required!
A new Carlson 2020 build is available, but may need to be downloaded manually. Please visit this page for more information!
12-PART VIDEO SERIES: Carlson Geology

This is a 12-part overview series on Carlson Geology. Tyler Faulkner, Carlson Mining Sales and Support, delivers a concentrated look into the Carlson Geology module and provides instruction on basic principles associated with a mine planning project cycle.