Carlson SurvCE and SurvPC 6.0 Available Now
Carlson Software’s popular and versatile in-the-field land surveying software, Carlson SurvCE 6.0 for data collectors and Carlson SurvPC 6.0 for ruggedized tablets and laptops is now available.

The newly released software features several new features, improvemen ts, and introduces the optional paid Hybrid+ module, allowing users to survey with both GPS and total station at the same time.

A Note from the President's Desk
The consolidation in our industry has accelerated over the years, reducing competition and choice. Considering just robotic total station companies, you once had the choice of Geodimeter (Sweden), Zeiss (Germany), Topcon (Japan), Sokkia (Japan), Trimble (US) and Leica (Switzerland, owned by Hexagon based in Sweden). Geodimeter and Zeiss are now consolidated inside Trimble, and Topcon purchased Sokkia, leaving only Trimble, Hexago n and T opcon. Even Nikon (Japan), which never produced a robotic total station, is now part of Trimble.

Virginia Tech Students Take First Place in the 21st Annual Carlson Senior Mining Design Competition
Congratulations to all schools that participated in the 2018 Senior Design Competition! Corey Hauck, Morgen Leake, and Clay Metcalf from Virginia Tech took 1st place. Mauricio Solorio, Roydydt Royo , and Evan Klouse from the University of Nevada, Reno took 2nd place. Jared Urcheck and Chad Martin from West Virginia University took 3rd place.

Too Busy to Learn?
by Doug Aaberg
It’s July, which means companies are, hopefully, head down working on deadlines with little time to think about much of anything else, especially learning something new.

I know for myself that even profits were not something I could really spend much time thinking about when everyone was working countless hours and there was a mad rush to the Fed-Ex drop box to get a set of plans out almost daily. So thinking about learning anything new was not in the cards and the idea of training me or my employees was put off until winter. A perfectly logical statement therefore is “We’re too busy to learn.”

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