Carlson Maintenance Program Changes SOON
Now is the time for Carlson Software users to renew and save. Applicable for those who never signed up for maintenance or have let their maintenance lapse, Carlson Software office software customers will save when updating their software and sign up for maintenance by September 1st of this year.

“Updating now will turn into substantial savings – as much as 40 percent for those who are still using Carlson 2016 for example,” says Scott Griffin, director of Sales for Carlson Software. “Plus, those who update will have the benefit of the annual improvements, which are often inspired by requests from our customers, that Carlson provides with its yearly releases.

Price Blast on the
Carlson Rodded Boretrak
A price blast for the Carlson Rodded Boretrak® will be available from now through September 30, 2019 for $8,000 USD. The offer includes the Boretrak probe, handheld PDA with charge with the Boretrak Mobile Android software preloaded, a neckstrap and PDA cover, a transit briefcase, and P3D Windows processing software.

The Rodded Boretrak is Carlson’s rugged borehole-deviation surveying system. Specifically designed to give users the ability to measure borehole deviation uphole and downhole, the Boretrak can be used in diverse applications. The system can be used in cast blasting, exploration and foundation drilling, quarry blasting, piling, engineering works, and dam pinning.

Improving Collection and Data with Carlson Precision 3D
by Steve Cummings
An idea possibly foreign to civil engineers and surveyors, who are correct by definition when they place their stamps, comes from management science, specifically W. Edwards Deming. He invented the concept of continuous improvement and applied it to manufacturing systems (and everything else).

Those of you who are old enough will remember when “Made in Japan” indicated a shoddy product of poor materials guaranteed to break. Younger people cannot imagine a Japanese product that is not of the highest quality, lasting for many years. Deming was the guy who made this happen. TQM and Six-Sigma management systems now used widely in the U.S. come directly from his work.

In a nutshell – Measure and Improve.

Best Practices (Raw Data)
by Doug Aaberg
Best practices or the idea of following a “best practice work flow” is a concept that comes up often in all aspects of surveying and engineering. Whether it is collecting field data, designing a subdivision, or producing a final site plan, people would like to know the best method to achieve their final goal. The question “what is the best practice for………?” is a question that is asked Carlson sales and support staff on a regular basis.

The truth of the matter, however, is that a well-established work flow for one firm or individual may not work well for another. Furthermore, each type of job, especially when it comes to surveying, may require a different methodology of gathering and processing data. It is difficult to create a “one size fits all” type of work flow. With that in mind, I will focus this blog on sharing some thoughts and experiences on collecting and processing field data using Carlson Survey.

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Introducing Carlson Blast Commander for drill pattern layout and volumetric reporting.
Downer invests in Carlson High Precision Machine Guidance to upgrade technology fleet
Downer, an integrated services company listed on the Australian and New Zealand stock exchanges, recently invested in Carlson high precision machine guidance solutions to be deployed across four mine sites in Australia. In total, 27 machine systems will be installed across a fleet of dozers, excavators, drills, and supervisor vehicles to increase productivity and optimize mine site operations.

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