A Note from the President's Desk
Response to COVID-19 and New and Updated Products

It is times like this when we at Carlson Software feel especially fortunate to be working with the land surveying, mining and construction industries. All involve field work, fresh air and almost built-in “social distancing”. Work takes place on construction sites, at wind-swept mines, in woods, fields and subdivisions, away from large gatherings in nearly all cases. You can take your Carlson BRX6+ or Carlson NR3 GNSS equipment to the field, run by VRS, and work solo, all alone, and do so with great efficiency. There is hardly a healthier profession to be in during these times than land surveying.

The volume of support calls has been steady here. Clearly, you, our valued customers, are continuing to get work done!   We will be here for you   with our tech support as we all work through the various government mandates to avoid restaurants and other gathering places for the next several weeks.

Carlson Software has accordingly...

Introducing the Carlson RT4 Rugged Tablet Data Collector
Carlson Software is excited to announce the release of the   RT4 advanced tablet-style data collector . Built on the success of the RT3, the RT4 is the next evolution in rugged handheld computing and data collection. Offering performance increases across the board, the RT4 is backed by Carlson’s unparalleled technical support.
Working Remotely with Carlson
If you and your staff are implementing work from home procedures, you may be wondering about how this affects your Carlson licensing:

If you have standalone licenses, you are entitled to install Carlson in both a work (office) and home (laptop) computer. After installing the program to the home computer, you will need to register it by selecting option “4. Home/laptop use”.

If your Carlson software is being managed through network licenses, you will be able to commute or “check out” the licenses to laptop or home computers. Below are some key articles on managing your licenses to allow you to work remotely:

Learn more about Carlson's COVID-19 response here .
VIDEO: SurveyGNSS – Least Squares Adjustment
Performing a Network Least Squares Adjustment in Carlson SurveyGNSS with Product Manager Rob van Etten
Wasted Space
Written by Abby Lichtscheidl, SWANA Young Professionals
Featured in the September 2019 issue of the Wisconsin Badger Chapter SWANA Young Professional newsletter, this article includes a look into maximizing efficiencies at Marathon County Solid Waste with Carlson Machine Control.

VIDEO: Registering a Laser Scan to State Plane Coordinates
Regional Sales Director Jim Carlson adjusts control points that will be used to register a laser scan to state plane coordinates. This video covers:
  • Traverse: no adjust
  • Traverse: compass rule with angle balance
  • Comparing unadjusted points in the drawing with adjusted results
  • Google Earth aerial image
The Carlson Hybrid+ Solution
Survey with GPS and Total Station Together!
Get started with hybrid surveying for as little as $500!
Microsoft Retires Windows 7–Update to Carlson 2020 on Windows 10!
If you're among the many who will need to update to Windows 10 now that Windows 7 is officially unsupported, keep in mind that Carlson 2015 and older are not officially supported on Windows 10.

Contact your regional rep or click below to update your Carlson software with full support for Windows 10!
Carlson 2020 Update–User Action Required!
A new Carlson 2020 build is available, but may need to be downloaded manually. Please visit this page for more information!
Carlson C-ALS® Gyro | Underground Laser Cavity Monitoring System

What is the Carlson C-ALS Gyro? The Cavity Auto-Scanning Laser System (C-ALS) is a unique specialist underground laser cavity monitoring system that enables mapping of previously inaccessible parts of underground cavities or voids, safely and quickly.