Upcoming Online Training!
Carlson Software is excited to announce the launch of a new webinar series focusing on Carlson's Survey, Civil, and Hydrology software. These webinars will be hosted by key Carlson team members and will premiere Monday, May 11 th . Below is a schedule of available classes with links to sign up! Each class is $50, or each full track is $250.
Carlson Survey Track
All Classes Begin at 11am ET
  1. Start project, Edit RAW File with Mike Hyman – May 11
  2. Import ASCII or Set CRD File with Mike Hyman – May 12
  3. Field to Finish Basics with Jim Reinbold – May 13
  4. Field to Finish Advanced with Doug Aaberg – May 14
  5. Making a Surface and Editing with Gary Rosen – May 18
  6. Enter a Deed, Deed Correlation, Legal Description and Annotation with Tom Peak – May 19
  7. LotNET, Fixing lot DWG from Others with Scott Griffin – May 20                                          
  8. Stake BLDG, Roads and Sites with Derek Roché – May 21
  9. Volume calculations of Stockpiles and Profiles with Todd Carlson – May 26
Carlson Civil Track
All Classes Begin at 1:30pm ET
  1. Starting a project and making an Existing Surface with Gary Rosen – May 11
  2. LotNET with Scott Griffin – May 12       
  3. RoadNET Basics with Luis Rojas – May 13
  4. RoadNET Advanced with Jim Reinbold – May 14
  5. Site Design with David Sanford – May 18
  6. Making a Road Plan & Profile Sheets with Luis Rojas – May 19
  7. Making Cross-Section Sheets with Jim Carlson – May 20
  8. Engineering Estimate SiteNET on Sites and Roads with David Sanford – May 21
Carlson Hydrology Track
All Classes Begin at 1:30pm ET
  1. Hydrology – Watersheds, Ground Cover and Calc's with Mark Long – May 26
  2. Hydrology – Storm Sewer Design Basics with Mark Long – May 27
  3. Hydrology – Storm Sewer Design Advanced with Mark Long – May 28
  4. P3D Hydrology – Storm Sewer + Dynamiccadd with Bruce Carlson – June 1
  5. P3D Hydrology – Culvert and Channel Lining + Dynamiccadd with Bruce Carlson – June 2
  6. Plan & Profile Sheets for Storm Sewers with Luis Rojas – June 3
You Have the Training, Now Get Current on Your Software!
Carlson's Spring Specials are now in effect, and they present the perfect opportunity to update your software and get up-to-speed and job ready!

Carlson with IntelliCAD owners: Renew your expired maintenance at 50% off!*
Carlson Survey OEM owners: Upgrade to Carlson Survey OEM 2020 at 35% off!**
Carlson Takeoff OEM owners: Upgrade to Carlson Takeoff OEM R11 at 35% off!***
Carlson SurvCE & SurvPC owners: Upgrade to SurvCE or SurvPC 6 at 25% off!****

What's new in these newest versions? Click below for quick recorded webinars covering each!:
*Discount eligibility for maintenance agreements that expired before 6/1/2019. Offer ends May 29th 2020.
**Discount eligibility for Survey OEM users with any version 2004 to 2019. Offer ends May 29th 2020.
***Discount eligibility for owners of Takeoff OEM R1-R10. Offer ends May 29th 2020.
****Discount eligibility for owners of SurvCE or SurvPC. Offer ends May 29th 2020.
Video: Creating a Base Plan from Public Data
With Doug Aaberg

This 30-minute tutorial video demonstrates a simple process to use free, public data available online to create a base plan using Carlson software including the GIS and Point Cloud modules.
Carlson Programs for Remote Work
Carlson is now offering flexible options to enable you to work more efficiently in the current environment. First, we are now offering both a new 90-day software license option on our most popular software, allowing users who do not normally need their own license to work from home affordably. Second, we're offering special low interest financing plans , including deferred payments, for purchases of software and hardware. 

The details and pricing of both of these options are outlined here .

Remember that Carlson support is still fully operational. We know you’re facing new challenges on a daily basis now, so please feel free to reach out to Carlson support or your local dealer us if you have any specific issues or questions.
Tech Support for Working Remotely with Carlson

If you and your staff are implementing work from home procedures, you may be wondering about how this affects your Carlson licensing:

If you have standalone licenses, you are entitled to install Carlson in both a work (office) and home (laptop) computer. After installing the program to the home computer, you will need to register it by selecting option “4. Home/laptop use”.

If your Carlson software is being managed through network licenses, you will be able to commute or “check out” the licenses to laptop or home computers. Below are some key articles on managing your licenses to allow you to work remotely:

Remember that Carlson support is still fully operational. We know you’re facing new challenges on a daily basis now, so please feel free to reach out to Carlson support or your local dealer us if you have any specific issues or questions.
Carlson Software Releases FiX1 Fixed Installation Scanner
Carlson Software has released the FiX1 Fixed Installation Scanner for volumetric scanning and stockpile measurement. Designed as a permanent installation, the FiX1 is used to automate the delivery of volumetric data without the need for personnel and additional measurement tools on-site.

Increase the productivity of one-man crews with new technology specials!
Microsoft Retires Windows 7–Update to Carlson 2020 on Windows 10
If you're among the many who will need to update to Windows 10 now that Windows 7 is officially unsupported, keep in mind that Carlson 2015 and older are not officially supported on Windows 10.

Contact your regional rep or click below to update your Carlson software with full support for Windows 10!
Carlson Surface Mining and Geology | Basic Overview

Götz Bartkowiak, Geology and Mining Consultant and Carlson Mining Software Partner, provides an overview of basic possibilities when working with Carlson Geology and Carlson Surface Mining. The video describes the steps of creating a geological model, designing a bench pit and scheduling production and explains visualization and reporting options.