Carlson PhotoCapture to be presented at GEO Business 2018
Carlson Software will be debuting its photogrammetry solution, Carlson PhotoCapture, during GEO Business 2018 , which is being held in London, United Kingdom, May 22-23. The workshop presentation will be held in Room F on Tuesday, May 22, at 1:15 p.m. GMT+1.

GEO Business is the initial show for Carlson PhotoCapture , which allows users to generate interactive 3D maps of sites using aerial, oblique, or terrestrial images by creating an orthomosaic photo to piece the working site together. Users can then set control points to fine-tune survey data and edit the 3D map immediately upon upload completion from anywhere with an internet connection.

Carlson has scheduled a series of webinars on the company’s first cloud-based standalone product, Carlson PhotoCapture, and the recently released Carlson Precision 3D Hydro 2018.

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Who’s Your Data?
by Doug Aaberg

More accurately, “how’s your data” but that doesn’t sound quite as catchy.

While working with a variety of clients over the years I have been able to come up with somewhat of a list of their “most common problems,” most of which stem from keeping track of and managing their data.

One of the yin/yang qualities of Carlson Software is that it does not “box you in” or force you to work in a specified manner.