Carlson Machine Control Releases Rugged All-In-One Vx7 Smart Antenna
Carlson Machine Control has released the Vx7 GNSS antenna as a more rugged replacement to its predecessor the Vx6. The Vx7 is a multi-frequency, multi-GNSS smart antenna with RTK-level position and precise heading.

Built as a solution for machine control and similar applications, the antenna easily mounts to dozers, compactors, pile drivers, and more. It can easily be paired with the Carlson MC8 or MC10 control box to work with the Carlson Machine Control line of products.

Best Practice in Mine Rehabilitation Course Featured Carlson Natural Regrade
The Universidad Complutense Madrid recently presented an International Complutense Course featuring world-renowned specialists in the design and modeling of fluvial geomorphic mine restorations. A total of 36 attendees came from nine countries representing five continents.

The lecturers and trainers included Professor Greg Hancock from the University of Newcastle (Australia), an international authority on the use of Landscape Evolution Models in mining restorations, and Nicholas Bugosh of Carlson Software, inventor of the GeoFluv method used in the Natural Regrade computer design software, which is considered the best technique available for topographic remodeling and mining restorations.

IntelliCAD 9.0
by Doug Aaberg
The release of Carlson 2019 products also brings with it the latest version of IntelliCAD®. It is version 9.0, which offers some improvements that should especially help those who have moved or are considering moving from AutoCAD® into the IntelliCAD environment. The move to IntelliCAD offers tremendous cost savings, but for some, there have been “deal breakers” that have prevented that move. This new release offers improvements that will work for those legacy AutoCAD users.

Carlson Survey OEM 2019 Released
The Carlson Survey 2019 OEM has just been released with the AutoCAD® 2018 OEM engine built-in. Carlson Survey users can read and write directly with the current AutoCAD DWG-drawing file format.

Some of the new commands found in Carlson Survey OEM 2019 include:

Elevation Along Entity – A new command that allows users to create points at an elevation interval along a 3D polyline.


Point Clouds

Pricing is $995 until December 31, 2018*

*January pricing increases to $1295
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NOVEMBER 20, 2018