What's New in Carlson 2020
Carlson Software Leads
Competition in All Metrics
Just as Carlson Software 2020 products are being released ( carlsonsw.com/2020 ), those civil engineers and land surveyors thinking of upgrading their software might take note of the recent Clear Seas Research annual report.
The report noted that for CAD software, “Carlson outperforms all competitors across every tested metric.” These metrics included product quality, product support, price fairness, and technological leadership, and Carlson far exceeded other software packages in each.

Produced on a yearly basis, the Surveying & Mapping Software CLEAReport from Clear Seas Research measures opinions and current trends from professionals involved in the surveying and mapping industry with a focus on understanding the current software usage and future purchase intent. They have been providing these carefully and independently researched reports since 2006.

Carlson Mining 2020 Features Upgrades, New Tools, and Functionality Enhancements
Carlson Mining 2020 is available now and features upgrades to existing options, new tools, and functionality enhancements. Mining 2020 includes the modules Geology, Surface Mining, and Underground Mining.

Carlson Mining 2020 is able to run on AutoCAD® 2015-2020 and comes with IntelliCAD 9.2.

“Carlson Mining 2020 provides dozens of new updates to the various modules, enhancing block modeling, variograms, mining solids with improved 3D viewing and rendering, design and scheduling,” says Grant Wenker, Vice President of Carlson Mining. “These additions further expand the capabilities of the Carlson Mining Suite, linking the office software closer to the Carlson Laser Measurement and Machine Control solutions.“

Time to Upgrade?... No Problem
by Doug Aaberg
Carlson Survey and Civil 2020 have just been released! For those of you on maintenance (a very good cost-saving practice), you now have the opportunity to upgrade to the latest release of Carlson Software with no additional cost. All of the new features and capabilities of Carlson are just there waiting for you to take advantage of them.
There are over 250 new features and updates included in Carlson 2020. To see an abbreviated list of these features, click on the link below for a short video:

Why upgrade?
The reasons for upgrading on an annual basis are a source of discussion for many users. I have always stayed current for a lot of reasons: compatibility, newest features, stability, and just simply to stay at the front of the technology curve. But a new survey from Clear Seas Research shows that Carlson outperforms the competition. The report noted that for CAD software, “Carlson outperforms all competitors across every tested metric.”

Carlson Survey and GIS 2020 offer User Interface Upgrades, Efficiency Tools and Education
Carlson’s latest release of Survey 2020 brings intuitive UI upgrades along with a host of new features and tools to improve day-to-day efficiency.

A long anticipated Migration Wizard for upgrading software as well as sharing settings and files across the office highlights this year’s list of customer centric updates.

More Dynamic, Carlson Civil and Hydrology 2020 Provide Advanced New Features
Carlson’s latest release of Civil and Hydrology 2020 brings intuitive UI upgrades that provide a more dynamic work experience along with advanced new features including improved surface model and pipe network design.

The upgraded TIN creation and editing utilities are now much more dynamic in their operation. Users can easily make edits with the upgraded Triangulation Surface Manager , track those changes, and apply them when new data is entered.

Thursday, October 17, 2019 from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM EDT

This training event at the Carlson Boston office will feature a full day of instruction geared toward beginner users of Carlson Takeoff or Carlson Construction in a small group setting.