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Carlson Connect 2018 is now available on the Autodesk App Store,, for $7.99.
A collection of routines for transferring and converting data between Autodesk ® Civil 3D ®, and Carlson SurvCE and Carlson Survey, Carlson Connect 2018 runs within Civil 3D 2018 and uses the current Civil 3D data model.
Users can transfer point and raw data between Civil 3D and Carlson SurvCE data collection. They can import and export Civil 3D point data with the Carlson coordinate files and convert drawings with Carlson point entities to Civil 3D point objects.

Illinois Professional Land Surveyors Association  Survey Springfield, IL 02/07 - 02/08
Professional Surveyors Association of Nebraska Survey Kearney, NE 02/08 - 02/09
AK Surveying/Mapping Survey Anchorage, AK 02/12 - 02/16
Hawaii Land Surveyors Association Survey Honolulu, HI 02/15 - 02/16
Minnesota Society of Professional Surveyors Survey Minneapolis, MN 02/15 - 02/16
Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio Conference Survey Sharonville, OH 02/21 - 02/24
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Western States Survey Las Vegas, NV 02/21 - 02/24
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To "Z" or not to "Z"
by Doug Aaberg

This one little button can have drastic effects on your company's profitability!
Well ok, that might be a bit dramatic, but in reality, the decision whether or not to work in a 3D environment is something that in my early days of training I did not stress near enough. 
I have found that miss-using three-dimensional entities such as points, lines, and symbols is one of the most frequent cause of problems especially when it comes to creating a surface model.

Most users are very comfortable with the idea of drawing on a flat two-dimensional plane. In a sense, what you see is what you get. But in this world of surface or "model building," learning to understand what is happening in that 3rd dimension, meaning the "Z axis" or elevation, is not only important, but in some cases essential. The problem usually occurs when a surveyor, engineer, or CAD operator are completely unaware that they are even working in a 3-dimensional environment.

Carlson has many tools in virtually all of their modules to work in a 3D environment, but as always, they offer you a choice one way or the other. The graphic shown above is contained in the Point Defaults dialog box and operates very simply. When enabled, any point you draw will be placed at the true elevation of the point. If the elevation of the point is 100, then it will be placed in the drawing with a "Z" value of 100. All of that seems simple enough but somehow, sometimes, drawings still end up looking like this:


Check out a few of the 2018 Carlson 'Go West' UC Guest Speakers

Silas Callahan, 
Mapping Engineer for Strix Imaging

Silas has 15 years of combined experience in Land Surveying, Civil Engineering, Mining
Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Hydrology and
Hydrogeology. His work includes all aspects of civil infrastructure design (site layout, grading, road layout, utility design) for land development, commercial, industrial and mining sectors, his favorite tasks are complex hydraulics modeling and major system design for mines and water infrastructure.

Ryan Murgia,
Aeroview Services

Ryan has designed and created digital surface models for a wide variety of projects including the re-design of failed levees along the banks of the Mississippi River. In his role with Aeroview Services, Ryan is responsible for the mission planning, data capture and processing of vast amounts of
aerial scan data for a variety clients and land development projects throughout the United

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