September 9, 2021
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Let's Have a Picnic!
Sunday, October 10
11:30 am to 3 pm
Trail and Saddle Club
85 East Garzas Road

Catered lunch, music, silent auction, great company!
Make your reservation now by phone to 831-320-9914
Entertainment by
Rick Chelew & Nick Leahy
TICKETS $25/person (includes 1 year CVA membership for non-members) 
PLEASE RSVP 831-320-9914 
Pay at the Door ~ Children 12 & under free
We are happy to hear from Sally Kneeland Petru, daughter of long-time Carmel Valley resident and CVA board member Donna Kneeland, that a bench at Garland Park has been dedicated to Donna's memory. It’s located off the Rancho Loop at the end of Acorn Trail and is a gentle hike up with a magnificent view. 

In addition to her valued service on our board, Donna had been Director of Development, Monterey County Symphony, Director of Development, Monterey Museum of Art, and was Co-founder of the Fund Builders Alliance in Monterey.
Carmel Lagoon Community Meeting
This evening, September 9, 2021 - 5:30pm to 7pm

Supervisor Adams will be holding a Community meeting for residents on September 9th, 2021, from 5:30 pm -7:00 pm, to further discuss options for long term flood hazard risk reduction activities in the vicinity of the Carmel Lagoon.

The meeting will be held via zoom.
or by phone - 1 669 900 6833, Meeting ID: 992 1056 7976
California Native Plan Society
Meeting this evening, Thursday September 9th, 2021 7:30 pm
Speakers: Peigi Duvall, Amy Essick, Pat Regan and Loren Walden

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Our September 9th General meeting will include a panel of CNPS members who have discovered the joys (and agonies) of Native Plant gardening. Each will present 5-10 plants that they particularly like and have grown in their own gardens. Good photographs will be complemented with comments about why they like the plant, where they have grown it and extra tidbits that might include the origin, the natural history, good companions for that plant and any cautionary notes. (For example: don’t prune a Flannel bush and then rub your eyes to get the “dust” out).

This meeting will be held on ZOOM. Link:

or visit the NPS website:
It's still not too late to add your email by simply clicking the link below.

The Monterey County supervisors will be considering approval of a Vacation Rental ordinance when the environmental review is finished. We wish to present as many letters as possible. The ordinance, in its current form with the direction of the majority of the supervisors, would do the following:

  • Allow 200+ vacation rentals in Carmel Valley residential neighborhoods
  • Permit commercial interests to rent vacation homes 365 days a year with no on-site supervision
  • Transform quiet residential neighborhoods into commercial zones
  • Increase problems with trash, parking, traffic and noise 
  • Contribute to housing scarcity and costs for long-term renters
  • Create ‘mini-hotels’ that compete with traditional resort lodging

Over 75% of Carmel Valley vacation rentals are managed by commercial entities, not by homeowners. The Monterey County Grand Jury recently recommended that any revised vacation rental ordinance should protect homeowners with an effective and strong enforcement system. The next step will be to prepare an Environmental Impact Report, and it is important that our community be heard.

Click on the link below to send a pre-written email
to all Monterey County Supervisors now!

From:Lillian Barbeito
Founder, Carmel Dance Festival 
(310) 923 - 2766

ANNOUNCING! A homegrown professional dance company is launching next week! Don't miss the SILENT AUCTION & PERFORMANCE at HIDDEN VALLEY!
Saturday, September 18 at 6:30 pm
at Hidden Valley, An Institute of the Arts
Cost: $25
Artistic Director Lillian Barbeito is launching Ballare Carmel, a brand new professional dance ensemble to provide work for artists, a platform for choreographers and collaborators, extraordinary dance education, and world-class contemporary dance for local audiences. 
The program will include a new piece by Zurich-based, celebrated dancemaker IHSAN RUSTEM with set design by MARK BAER, as well as, a new work by Lillian Barbeito and collaborator Skye Schmidt.
The evening will entail a silent auction at 6:30 pm; a mixed media, intergenerational dance performance beginning at 7:30 pm; and a post-show toast with the artists
Creating a Firewise Carmel Valley

Richard Bates
Firewise Chair, FSCMC
The current wildfire crisis in California shows no signs of relenting. The combination of drought, climate change and historical forest practices are now creating extreme wildfire events with alarming frequency.  It is time to replace reactive practices to the threat of wildfires with pro-active measures.

The nonprofit Fire Safe Council for Monterey County (FSCMC) serves local communities and individual property owners by creating awareness, presenting information, facilitating access to available resources, and aiding with coordinating efforts to better prepare for wildfire. FSCMC has joined forces with the National Fire Protection Association’s Firewise USA® recognition program to help neighbors to reduce wildfire risks at the local level. There are now 5 Firewise recognized communities in Monterey County: Rancho Tierra Grande, Robles del Rio, Club Place, Boronda Garzas and Pattee Ranch.

Multiple other CV communities have undertaken the Firewise recognition process and are in various stages of completion. These communities include Carmel Views, Country Club Drive, Ranch House Place, Santa Lucia Preserve, Sleepy Hollow, Tehama, Tularcitos Ridge, Via Los Tulares, and Via Quintana.

 The tentative date/time for the next quarterly meeting is Tuesday, November 9, 6:00 – 7:30pm.

The topics of discussion are participant directed, so I would like to enlist your help in determining what you would like to see addressed. Please respond to the following questions to aid in that process:

  • What is/are the greatest benefit(s) of the Firewise program?
  • What is/are the greatest challenge(s) in the Firewise process?
  • What Firewise support programs would you like to see from the Fire Safe Council for Monterey County?
  •  What 3 topics would you most like to see discussed? .
  • Given sufficient participation, I would like to invite guest speakers. What are some topics are of special interest to you? (ie grant access, controlled burns, chipping, fuel breaks, evacuation planning, firesafe landscaping)     

Please join your CV neighbors who are taking direct responsibility in the protection of their community from the threat of wildfire, by becoming a Firewise community yourself. For additional information about Firewise USA please email me directly at or visit NFPA or FSCMC
Here's a web site to check to see
 if your area is scheduled for a power outage:

Issues of Concern to Residents of Carmel Valley
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Pris Walton, President
Carmel Valley Association
Curious About CVA?
Carmel Valley Association is one of the oldest, largest, and most successful community organizations in Monterey County. We are entirely volunteer, with no paid employees. Our mission is to defend the beauty, resources and rural character of our beautiful valley. We do that by working with residents, businesses, and government.
CVA was instrumental in the adoption of the Carmel Valley Master Plan and recently settled a lawsuit with Monterey County regarding traffic measurement and capping future development on very favorable terms for our valley. Our volunteer experts represent Carmel Valley's interest, testifying before governmental bodies concerning development, water, traffic, road signs, and other quality of life issues.

We keep valley residents informed about important issues and events with our weekly email Bulletin, which goes to over 1200 residents, and our quarterly Newsletter, which is mailed to over 7,000 valley addresses.

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Header photo by
Carmel Valley Photographer 
Douglas Steakley