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June was a whirlwind and it's hard to believe we're already into July!  This month, we've got some exciting clinics scheduled, we're clearing out a ton of "Red Tag" pianos and digital pianos, and we're preparing for our newest theme recital!  We hope to see you at one - or all - of these exciting events!

Red Tag Summer Clearance Event
[Now - August 1]  All Stores.
This year, we have a ton of clearance pianos to move.  We have several discontinued Clavinova CVP models.  We have some discontinued pianos from Yamaha, Boston, Essex, Knabe and Kingsburg.  ...and we even have a few Roland digital pianos that we need to clear out.

Stop in and find the UNADVERTISED prices on these clearance instruments - as well as specials on used pianos, player systems and more.  You won't believe these prices!  Stop in and select your piano now before the sale - and the Yamaha Summer Rebates - end!

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In Other News
Join us for our newest themed piano recital:  Carnival.  Carnival will feature the side-show sights and sounds of digital pianos as we enjoy all the crazy acts of Lexington-area music students.  Signups are going on through July 17. 
Summer Teaching Clinics
In Louisville, we'll uncover the top reasons that students quit piano lessons and discuss how to prevent attrition.  In Lexington, we'll explore modern technologies that make teaching easier and more fun!  Don't miss out!

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The Bargain Bin
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Professional Music Stands
Mention this coupon and receive 30% OFF the regular price of any OnStage Professional Music Stand.  They are fully adjustable and ready to hold your music!
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