Carol Wontkowski


June 4-27, 2021
First Friday Reception: June 4 , 6-8pm

Carol Wontkowski, "Beauty Fading", Photograph, 15.5 x 19 inches, 2016

"This is a tulip in the process of fading. Rather than capture the decomposing aspect of its decline, I wanted to show some of its beauty."
“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." - Dorothea Lange

"My work reflects the beauty in common things. Though we live in a world marred by human influence, there is still order, design, and beauty around us. It is my desire to capture the more tranquil and serene images of this world, mirroring their Designer."
-Carol Wontkowski                                           
Carol Wontkowski, "White Lily", Photograph, 15 x 19 inches, 2018

"I captured this lily in the process of opening as well. And to enhance its beauty, I used an additional light source to “paint it with light”
Carol Wontkowski, "Amaryllis", Photograph, 15.5 x 19 inches, 2016

"This is an amaryllis bud beginning to open. The process is both elegant and exciting to see. I captured this image just before it began to fully emerge to show its unusual process."
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