It's Reunion Time

Class of 1969

Over 100 alumnae joined their classmates to laugh, dance and share their life stories since graduating CHS & DLS.  New and old friendships were renewed as high school memories were remembered fondly. It was a wonderful time for all.

More reunions coming in September - November - see details below 
Class of 1999

Class of 2009

Class of 1993/94

by Ann Bacigalupi Schiffenhaus
On Saturday, August 16th, I attended the Class of 1969 50th Reunion dinner at Scott's Restaurant in Walnut Creek. It was a room full of laughter, smiles and warm hugs as classmates reunited and connected. After dinner, each alumna stood and introduced herself, shared what she had been doing since graduation and reflected on how Carondelet impacted her life. For me, these were the most humbling and inspirational moments of the night. As these women shared their experiences in work and life, there was a resounding theme of highly educated, powerful and caring individuals. They work as nurses, teachers, computer technicians and mothers/grandmothers who have all made a positive impact through their work and in their communities.
They spoke about the privilege of attending an all-girls school and how Carondelet's environment provided them the platform to be leaders - as class representatives, presidents of clubs, organizers of social events and theatre performances. They remembered how the Sisters of St. Joseph encouraged them to speak up and be heard. This female empowerment drew them toward leadership positions in their personal and professional lives.
The CSJ Mission - care for the dear neighbor without distinction - is core to who they are today. Alumna after Alumna spoke of the volunteer work they've done in their communities to make the world a better place, which they attribute in large part to their Carondelet experience. It was inspirational, to say the least.
I was grateful for the opportunity to share a little about myself and my new role as Carondelet's Alumnae Engagement Director. I thanked them for inviting me to listen to their stories and share this special time with them. They asked if the CSJ mission remained strong and core to Carondelet. I answered an unequivocal YES. I had just completed my first week of orientation with faculty and staff, which was firmly grounded in mission. Care for the dear neighbor - students caring for one another, teachers caring for students, staff caring for each other and all of CHS caring for the larger community where we live and work - was the unifying theme as we kicked off this school year.  
They asked if Carondelet has changed since opening our doors to Catholic and non-Catholics alike. I told them our doors are now open to those of all faiths, or no faith - we are a completely inclusive environment for all young women and their families. We promote diversity, Carondelet values, and the empowerment of all women to have a voice and become their best selves.
It was a wonderful weekend with the class of 1969 as they celebrated this institution's inaugural 50th reunion. I am blessed to have shared a moment with them and look forward to seeing them again soon!
New Tradition
Alumnae Raffle Tree at Visions of Christmas
For 30 years, Carondelet alumnae have shown their support at Visions of Christmas. This year we want to stand out as an alumnae community by sponsoring an alumnae raffle tree. Sponsoring a tree entails selecting a theme, donating experiences, collecting gifts for under the tree and designing the overall look of the tree.
Do you have a vacation home or travel experience you would like to donate? A business you'd like to highlight? Tickets to concerts or sporting events? Or something creative that we could include with the tree.
We are looking for 3-4 alumnae to help in this effort, please contact me if you are interested 925-686-5353 x151 or

This is an exciting new tradition for the alumnae community as we celebrate the 30th Annual Visions of Christmas.

Alumnae Spotlight - Nancy O'Malley
District Attorney Alameda County
New feature: Alumna Spotlight
Nancy O'Malley '71  
This month's Alumna Spotlight is extra-special, as Nancy recently joined the Carondelet Board of Trustees and was highlighted in the Fall 2010 Carondeletter.  
I had the distinct pleasure of spending time with Nancy this week. Our conversation included reflections on her incredible career, an overview of what's happened in her life since the last time we spoke to her, and her thoughts on why she's choosing to be more deeply involved with Carondelet as a Trustee. 
"I felt my education was the best. After all, where else could I learn to do geometry and to change a tire in less than five minutes? I loved that the school was all-girls and still love the female-empowerment component. Carondelet helped fashion me into the woman I have become. I relished the single-sex environment and the opportunity it afforded me to grow and learn. I am thankful for so much, yet the single most important lesson I learned during my time at Carondelet is that we define ourselves."
Nancy O'Malley '71
Carondeletter, Fall 2010 
Fast forward to 2019
"...could it really be 10 years ago? My comments then capture the same essence, appreciation and reflections that continue today. In 2010, I was a newly elected Woman. What has heightened in my reflections of my very meaningful time and lessons ingrained through Carondelet is that we all have a contribution to make to our community. I have been blessed with a bold, strong spirit and understanding that still, in too many circles, women must charge, not just assent, to leadership. As Carondelet Alumnae, we will not necessarily be deterred by roadblocks or deterrence's.   
I am very blessed to have received so many awards; from Congress, to State leadership, to local programs. All are incredibly humbling and - with these amazing recognitions - I am still humbled by my opportunities and by my placement in our society, to serve and help lift up others; to give people a voice or be the voice for them if and until they find their own voices. The honor of service is a great responsibility and spiritual gift. Those are the lessons and, frankly, the inspiration and power I received through my Carondelet experience.  
That is why I feel privileged to have an opportunity to contribute back to the school I love." 

Alumnae Donors July 2019

Alumnae are an invaluable partner in establishing and nurturing a culture of philanthropy at Carondelet. You are our most effective ambassadors - products of the Carondelet experience whose adult lives inspire the young women who walk these halls every day.

Thank you  for using your voice and spirit to encourage others to join you in support of our shared institution.

Aggie Wintch Eidson '79*
Katherine Kroha Stephens '87
Lesley Burke Schooler '96*
Margaret Schmidt Valdez '77*
Rochelle Singer Christolos '70
Trisha Frazer Fernandes '83
Ellen Jurgens '19
Gaebriella Todesco '07
Michelle Koski '98*
Paige Wallace '13
*Carondelet Faculty/Staff

If you have questions about supporting Carondelet, or are interested in having a conversation about your philanthropy, please consider the Carondelet Development Team a resource.

2019 Reunions for the classes of '74, '79, '84, '89, 04 & 2014
1974 45-year: Saturday, October 5*         1974 Tickets

1979 40-year: Saturday, October 5*         1979 Tickets

1984 35-year: Saturday, September 14    1984 Tickets

1989 30-year: Saturday, October 5*         1989 Tickets

 2004 15-year: Saturday, September 7     2004 Tickets

 2014 5-year: Saturday, November 30
 Visit the alumnae  reunion page  or class facebook page for more details.
*These reunions are held at all held at Scott's in separate rooms.

Father's Club Mixer
September 5, 2019

The Carondelet Fathers Club is a new club created to connect the Dads of CHS, creating fellowship and enhancing the high school experience not only for our daughters, but also for our families, by modeling a spirit of volunteerism.  Through social events and service projects, our goal is to forge new friendships that will last far beyond our daughter's graduation.

All current and alumnae Dad's welcome!

Grandparent's Club Mixer
September 24, 2019

The Grandparents' Club is a growing group of grandparents who want to get more involved, get to know each other, learn more about Carondelet and enrich the granddaughter/grandparent relationship through a variety of community service projects on campus. 

All current and alumnae Dad's welcome!

 Professional Networking Community 
is coming soon....

LinkedIn will be an integral part of the upcoming Professional Networking Community for Carondelet Alumnae and their families. The  C-Network  will bring together alumnae, parents and families to offer internships, fellowships, mentoring, job skills, and employment opportunities.

You must Add Carondelet High School  to the education section                                in your account to connect to The C-Network -  CHS PRIDE  today!

Mark Your Calendar
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September 5th
Father's Club Mixer
6:00 - 7:30pm
Convent - Community Room
Dinner & refreshments served
September 20th-21st
CHS/DLS Homecoming Weekend
September 23rd
Alumnae Board Meeting 
6:00 - 7:30 pm
Convent - Community Room
Dinner & Refreshments Served
September 24th
Grandparent's Club Mixer
5:30 - 7:00 pm
Convent - Community Room
Dinner & Refreshments Served