During the month of love, honor your heart by attending a joyful, prayerful retreat.
Through dynamic community-building and activities that engage the mind, body, and spirit, this sacred event will feed your soul and create lifetime memories.

Students, mothers, daughters, aunts, sisters, grandmothers, and any other female CHS friends or family members (8th grade and above) are invited to celebrate a day dedicated to "Women of Heart".

Registration cost includes retreat program, continental breakfast, and lunch. Financial assistance is available.

Two guests - $60
Three guests - $85
Four guests - $110

Please purchase tickets by Sunday, February 16


Alumna of the Year
Nominate a deserving Carondelet Alumna 

Inspirational Mentor of the Year
Nominate a deserving Teacher/Staff Member

Alumnae Spotlight - Maggie Lettire '13
Director of Student Activities, Carondelet

After graduating Carondelet, I went to Saint Mary's College and majored in Business Administration with a Concentration in Entrepreneurship. Upon graduation,  I entered the start-up world and recall telling my friend, and now coworker, Gaeby Todesco '07, that my absolute dream job was to be Director of Student Activities at Carondelet! When I saw the job posting, I left COMPANY/INDUSTRY to pursue my vocational calling.

As Director of Student Activities, I am responsible for overseeing student government and student-run clubs, and creating a positive and engaged environment for students through small- and large-scale events. I help develop programming for students to expand their understanding, push themselves to think creatively and try new things. My work does not stop on the Carondelet campus. I serve as a liaison between De La Salle and Carondelet to cultivate our unique partnership through developing the calendar and executing on a variety of shared initiatives.

No two days are the same, and I relish the special privilege of working alongside students regularly whether they are on leadership, serve on a club, or just have an awesome idea.  The best part of my job is seeing students light up about an idea and follow through until the last possible moment. I love being part of each student leader's journey through life, and being kept on my toes when it comes to innovation. Our students inspire me to be more inventive, and I've started to take up different crafting hobbies to keep up!

It's pretty special to know that roughly 20% of our faculty and staff are alumnae, dedicating their professional service to our alma mater every day. My experience as a student at Carondelet was transformative and  instilled in me the work ethic I carry to this day. As a student, m y favorite part of Carondelet was how the faculty and staff made me feel. I had amazing class council moderators and awesome teachers who build my confidence and sens of purpose and who are now colleagues and friends. I also met my fiance here (a DLS alum I'm marrying this summer), so my Carondelet ties endure. 

CHS Regional Chapters  

With over 9,800 alumnae located across the US, regional chapters are an easy way to connect with alumnae in your area. We are looking to start chapters in areas with a high concentration of alumnae and college students. These volunteer-driven chapters will offer a variety of opportunities for you to get to know alumnae living in your area through social and networking events, volunteer projects, cultural, educational, and athletic engagements.  Check out the Alumnae website and Facebook page for more info as we confirm events.

Locations Identified:
Boulder/Denver Thursday, March 5th, 6:00pm - 7:30pm, Kachina Cantina, Lower Downtown Denver
Dallas/Fort Worth
San Diego  *Thursday, March 5th, 6:00pm - 7:30pm in San Marcos
San Francisco Thursday, March 5th, in SF (TBD)
Silicon Valley *Thursday, March 5th, 6:00pm - 7:30pm in Los Gatos

*Private homes will not be publicized online.  Please contact Ann Schiffenhaus for details.

If you're interested in volunteering or starting a chapter in your region, please contact me directly aschiffenhaus@carondeleths.org or 925-686-5353 x151.

Student Spotlight 
This year, we're starting a new spotlight to highlight some unique ways our students are 
'giving back to the dear neighbor' and making positive changes in their communities.

Lauren Rivera '23
Founder, Adopt-A-Doll

Do you have an American Girl doll hidden away in a closet, collecting dust?

Give her a new home by adopting her out to a child who is receiving long-term treatment at Oakland Children's Hospital!

Carondelet student Lauren Rivera '21 launched non-profit Adopt-a-Doll last year. Her mission is to share a bit of happiness with girls experiencing a difficult time in their lives and would be thrilled to care for an American Girl doll.

Each doll placement is very personal. Lauren will pick up the doll at your home or business or at Carondelet, clean her up and sew her a custom Family House at Oakland Children's Hospital t-shirt. She personally presents the doll to her new "mom" at Oakland Children's Hospital, and then facilitates a thank you note (and photo, if approved) so that you, the original owner, can be assured that your special doll has safely ended up in a loving home. 

If you have a doll that you'd like to donate, or if you'd like to give an American Girl gift card to purchase a new doll for a child at Oakland Children's Hospital, please contact Lauren at  lauren@adopt-a-doll.org to arrange for an adoption and to spread the love! You can learn more at  www.adoptadoll.org.


Thursday, March 26th

2:30pm - 3:45pm Panelist/Industry Discussions
3:45pm - 5:00pm Reception
Join us on campus to speak with students, share your life and work experiences, and enjoy a reception to connect and network with our alumnae community.

Contact: Ann Schiffenhaus ashiffenhaus@carondeleths.org

2020 Reunion Update

Reunions are back on campus this year!
Classes of 2010, 2005, 2000, 1995, 1990, 1985, 1980 & 1975. 

Saturday, July 25th
11:00am - 2:00pm: Alumnae Family Fun Day & Picnic - Carondelet Athletics Complex ( All CHS & DLS Alumni welcome)
5:00pm - 6:00pm: All Reunion Mass -  DLS Hofmann Center
6:00pm - 6:45pm: All Reunion Reception - CHS Jean Hofmann Center for Innovation
7:00pm - 8:30pm: Individual Class Dinner Receptions - CHS & DLS campus locations
8:00pm - 11:00pm: After Party with Live Band - DLS Hofmann Center ( All CHS & DLS Alumni welcome)

Sunday, July 26th
Golf - Boundary Oaks Golf Course ( All CHS & DLS Alumni welcome)

* Reunions for the Classes of 2015 and 1970 will be held off-campus


Alumnae are an invaluable partner in establishing and nurturing a culture of philanthropy at Carondelet. You are our most effective ambassadors - products of the Carondelet experience whose adult lives inspire the young women who walk these halls every day. 

Thank you for using your voice and spirit to encourage others to join you in support of our shared institution.

Katherine Alberts '90 Sarah Garden '97 Julie Mill Peters '94
Sarah Alpert '92 Terese Ghilarducci '87 Victoria Petty '15
Heather Alumbaugh '91 Amy Ghisletta '84 Barbara Lewis Primm '88
Veronica Gutierrez Alves '84 Stephanie Ghisletta '82 Karina Punu '98
Catherine McCorry Andalis '88 Kristan Ghisletta Huguet '83 Elizabeth McGervey Pursley '75
Kim Barlettani Andelin '87 Joanne McGuire Giorgi '86 Carolyn Tobin Randall '92
Heather Gargaro Anton '88 Virginia Harley Girzadas '88 Elisabeth Renner '78
Joanne Melloni Baird '79 Tamara Mann Gomez '97 Alexandria Reynolds '16
Reilly Baker '17 Julie Gonzalez '99 Jan Richardson '75
Staci Maher Ball '87 Karen Maloney Goodshaw '85 Miranda Ripoli Cozzone '06
Theresa Baumgartner '86 Erin Johnson Greenwald '86 Valerie Daskalos Riva '86
Jennifer Eddy Bender '89 Suzanne Tietjen Guinn '89 Jeanne Hall Roder '90
Kendall Bercaw '00 Martha Villaclara Celorio Hanck '89 Veronica Rodriguez '98
Sarah Long Bergler '90 Gina Revelli Hare '84 Leslie Ann Costa Rosinski '81
Monica Bindi '18 Kathryn Moore Hartnett '98 Tracy Leonard Ross '86
Kathleen Kluesener Blair '89 Theresa Fichtenkort Hathaway '81 Shannon Micallef Ross '85
Kristine Blanton '78 Deborah Varian Hayworth '91 Tina Boardman Rufo '79
Melissa Moore Bonafonte '94 Anna Heffernan '74 Lily Ruiz '86
Isabella Book '16 Robyn Hegarty '80 Mary Laurel Trenbath Rutledge '73
Barbara Britto-Tang '77 Myrna Portillo Hennessy '84 Galen McNally Ryan '82
Colleen Riley Brodt '90 Marisa Henrichs '96 Shawn O'Rourke Sabarese '93
Jennifer Pehanick Buckley '81 Sierra Smith Higgins '86 Emmelie Sabatte '77
Michelle Parslow Byrne '90 Ingrid Holthuis '74 Sally Sabbagha '91
Gillian Cabral '17 Ingeborg Sorensen Houston '82 Jennifer Smith Sanchez '91
Fiona Cabral '19 Suzanne Sabatte Hutchinson '72 Shauna Yandell Sarno '04
Sasha Calderon Calderon-Pappageorge '97 Elizabeth Albers Iannaccone '88 Julie Hinken Sasaki '82
Amanda Camera '07 Sophia Ipsen '12 Dina Monaghan Scarlett '88
Sherry Peterson Campbell '70 Susan Dulany Jackson '83 Ann Bacigalupi Schiffenhaus '86
Rosemary Regan Carpenello '80 Jacquelynne Jennings '77 Bernadette Schild '77
Annemarie Boscacci Carpenter '91 Pamela Courtright Johansen '90 Lesley Burke Schooler '96
Carol Mimiaga Carter '79 Sara Dukes Johnson '00 Lisa Jones Scott '85
Joanne Gibbons Castello '77 Ellen Jurgens '19 Courtney Scott '03
Jill Myers Chesla '80 Catherine Lambert Jurkiewicz '73 Lauren Seeno Barbano '99
Devon Chiapello '11 Marylou Harvey Keane '80 Stephanie Seeno-Miles '80
Rochelle Singer Christolos '70 Jane Kennedy '13 Kristina Asato Sells '94
Jacqueline Guibert Cimento '74 Lynne Sabbagha Kenny '86 Jennifer Serventi '89
Francine Scribner Cole '86 Andrea Ennis Kirkpatrick '83 Jesset Panis Sidore '87
Lucille Stoneburner Coleman '84 Suzanne Seeno Knoll '83 Rosanne Siino '80
Linda Garaventa Colvis '79 Shannon Hamilton Kopplin '87 Merrilee Gutierrez Silveira '88
Lisa Flaig Cooper '86 Michelle Koski '98 Kathleen Reidy Slane '86
Courtney Kermeen Corda '87 Bronwyn Tullus Kresse '89 Amy Slavin '91
Elizabeth Brophy Coussa '77 Lisa Lapin '82 Jennifer Louis Smith '99
Eva Hayworth Coward '92 Christine McKeown Larson '71 Jennifer Asuncion Smith '04
Laura Crane '07 Hillary Smith '06
Linda O'Brien Crivello '86 Caitlin Lawson Main '05 Susan Solger '73
Corla Cunningham Cubillas '71 Margaret Lettire '13 Jennifer Martin Southard '88
Carla Gibbons Cullerton '74 Kristina Levesque '06 Michelle Hughes Soza '84
Kathleen Steiner Cutright '93 Dr. Elizabeth Limberg '83 Michelle Sparacino Foxworthy '92
Ashley Czyz '08 Kimberly Lisiak '09 Emily St. Jean Duggan '05
Sonia Wong Dallmann '90 Dr. Mary Ann Lloyd '77 Kathleen Goodwin Stambaugh '73
Katherine Dallosto '89 Christine Sabatte Logan '73 Katherine Kroha Stephens '87
Paula Dalmada '90 Claire Logan '12 Lorelle Fourcade Steuber '93
Michelle Missaggia Daly '88 Barbara Hockel Lopez '81 Teresa Piepho Stone '84
Allisen Russi Danna '05 Erica Love '04 Sandra de la Rosa Stuart '87
Doris Butler Dannels '71 Malissa Marsh Lucas '85 Jennifer Sullivan '90
Melissa Davidson '78 Daniella Estrada MagaƱa '99 Lindy Dallimonti Sullivan '02
Nancy Case Davis '78 Michelle Mankewich '98 Sandra Lee Sung '79
Jennifer Ghelfi De Smedt '85 Elizabeth Wolski Matthews '85 Jeanette Sabatte Tiernan '81
Jackie Della Rosa Carron '87 Laura Aberer McClure '88 Gaeby Todesco '07
Stephanie Dennler '94 Anonymous Lindsay Treppa '14
Donna Obrochta DeSanctis '74 Karen McHugh '70 Kathleen Cannon Trilevsky '83
JoAnna Grillo DiSibio '70 Elizabeth Meehan '07 Sydney Tshimbalanga '16
Mary Beth Kulawiec Dittrich '79 Allison Boscacci Mein '88 Cassidy Tshimbalanga '18
Lori DonDiego '80 Heather Mayer Merideth '90 Aubrey Uresti '96
Nadine Draper '84 Katherine Walton Merritt '89 Margaret Schmidt Valdez '77
Michele Dunleavy '85 Katherine Merritt '13 Sheri Hardt VanderKlugt '87
Christina Cusumano Dunn '02 Diane Michael '84 Elaine Bomben Vecchi '72
Ruth De Borja Duque '90 Jessica Smith Mix '99 Christina Harley Ventrelle '93
Diana Duque '16 Maureen Monahan '81 Katherine Von Magnus-Bjork '70
Sofia Earle '18 Ashleigh Montgomery '05 Christine Spicer Vranesh '85
Aggie Wintch Eidson '79 Alexis Janssen Morris '88 Paige Wallace '13
Eden Gonzalez Eisenbarth '89 Lenore Camera Navarro '77 Sarah Henry Walsh '80
Lisa Grubb Elliott '86 Doria Forester Neff '91 Sarah Shelley Watson '94
Joan Enea-Lopez '70 Marines Novoa '07 Kerrie Weis '98
Jenna Fabrique '12 Morgan O'Connor '11 Erin Coulston Williams '91
Kathleen Farley '72 Emily O'Connor '16 Laurie Dickson Williams '90
Susanne Fenstermacher '72 Nancy O'Malley '71 Nancy Taft Witt '69
Trisha Frazer Fernandes '83 Susan Melloni O'Sullivan '81 Tarie Regan Wolf '87
Suzanne Hendershot Fisi '85 Felicity John Odell '88 Sharon Wong '86
Erin-Clare FitzPatrick '07 Lisa Barela Oliver '90 Elisabeth Temps Wood '94
Mary Roll Fliss '81 Annemarie da Silva Orfila '92 Lisa Kramp Xavier '90
Erin Fontana '02 Janine Toomey Orr '89 Stephanie Zimmerman '86
Dianne Forde '74 Madeline Ziser '07

Mark Your Calendar
(Full Calendar at CarondeletHS.org/Calendar)

Monday, February 10th
Alumnae Board Meeting
6:00pm - 7:30pm
Convent - Community Room & via  Zoom
Tuesday, February 11th
Grandparents Club Meeting
10:30am - 12:00pm
Convent - Fontbonne Room
Tuesday, February 12th

Fathers Club Meeting & Dinner
6:00pm - 7:30pm
Jean Hofmann Center for Innovation
Sunday, February 23rd
Heart-to-Heart Women's Retreat
8:30am - 2:00pm
Jean Hofmann Center for Innovation
Saturday, February 29th Crab Feed
2:30pm - 5:00pm
Garaventa Center
Thursday, March 26th Career Day
2:30pm - 5:00pm
Jean Hofmann Center for Innovation