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Young Alum Club

Alumnae Barbecue
Our first Young Alum Club gathering was held at Mike Hess Brewery in Walnut Creek. Good times, good weather, and great beer was shared with new and old friends. We look forward to celebrating together at another Young Alum Club event during the holiday season. 

Our 1st Alumnae Barbecue was a hit! Great weather, delicious food, and a beautiful setting brought alumnae together with their families to enjoy the day. Alumnae from classes of 1974 to 2015 came together to tour the Carondelet Athletics Complex, enjoy conversation with classmates and form new friendships within our alumnae community. 

by Nancy Marshall Jordan '86
This past weekend, my husband, Robert (DLS '88) and I enjoyed our annual "high school friends" camping trip. This trip, launched shortly after our college graduations, was a commitment to staying connected after growing up. My guess is that many of you have similar traditions; camping trips, girls' nights out, Christmas parties, etc, that celebrate your childhood friendships. The roots we established at Carondelet grew into sturdy branches that forever connect us. We are like-minded partners as described by the Sisters of St. Joseph charism.

One of the most exciting aspects of sharing this Carondelet family tree is not just engaging with those we "hung out with" in the inner court but also engaging with the greater Carondelet community. I am thrilled when I connect on social media with Carondelet alumnae that I might not have known too well during my teenage years. I know we have a bond rooted in the tradition of the Carondelet High School Mission, marked by the call to live with heart, faith, and courage. Our alumnae organization is a dynamic way to celebrate treasured friendships as well as create new social or business networking relationships. Add to this an even higher purpose; to contribute to the foundation being laid for the young women of our beloved alma mater.

As we celebrate the peak of summer, let's also celebrate our sisterhood friendships - the old, the new, and the yet-to-come. Let's recognize our call to "pay it forward" by actively participating in our alumnae association. Consider these words of St. Ignatius of Loyola, Founder of the Jesuits, the order of Jean Pierre Medaille who sponsored the Sisters of St. Joseph in 1650, Le Puy, France.

"All the things in this world are gifts of God, created for us, to be the means by which we can come to know Him better, love Him more surely, and serve Him more faithfully. As a result, we ought to appreciate and use these gifts of God insofar as they help us toward our goal of loving service and union with God."

So, as the summer winds down and the fall approaches, let's use those many gifts we've been given and connect, support, and contribute to the faith-filled foundation that grew us!

Nancy is the Director of Mission Integration at St. Joseph Healthcare

Alumnae Donors 2018-2019

Alumnae are an invaluable partner in establishing and nurturing a culture of philanthropy at Carondelet. You are our most effective ambassadors - products of the Carondelet experience whose adult lives inspire the young women who walk these halls every day.

Thank you  for using your voice and spirit to encourage others to join you in support of our shared institution.

Anonymous (3)
Christina Maria Abudayeh '19
Nicole Marie Abudayeh '22
Kathleen Peirce Albright '74
Sarah Hultman Alpert '92
Dr. Heather Alumbaugh '91
Veronica Gutierrez Alves '84
Heidi Amundsen-Myers '88
Catherine McCorry Andalis '88
Kim Barlettani Andelin '87
Heather Gargaro Anton '88
Meredith Norman Ashworth '90
Joanne Melloni Baird '79
Reilly Elizabeth Baker '17
Kaisey Martin Baker '21
Staci Maher Ball '87
Theresa Baumgartner '86
Mary Terranova Becher '80
Alida Boscacci Beilke '94
Monique Rose Belusa '81
Jennifer Eddy Bender '89
Kendall Bercaw '00
Sarah Long Bergler '90
Linda McGuire Biles '88
Shannon Malone Bingham '88
Kathleen Kluesener Blair '89
Kristine Blanton '78
Melissa Moore Bonafonte '94
Isabella Marie Book '16
Eileen Briggs Brinker '94
Colleen Riley Brodt '90
Jennifer Pehanick Buckley '81
Veronica Tipton Burstein '76
Carol Bussey, Esq. '77
Michelle Parslow Byrne '90
Fiona Kathleen Cabral '19
Gillian Marie Cabral '17
Amanda Camera '07
Sherry Peterson Campbell '70
Melissa Cardinet '77
Mimi Regan Carpenello '80
Annemarie Boscacci Carpenter '91
Carol Mimiaga Carter '79
Joanne Gibbons Castello '77
Francesca Pereira Cervantes '77
Ashley Chavez '08
Rachel Slater Cheshareck '91
Jill Myers Chesla '80
Jacqueline Guibert Cimento '74
Francine Scribner Cole '86
Lucille Stoneburner Coleman '84
Linda Garaventa Colvis '79
Lisa Flaig Cooper '86
Courtney Kermeen Corda '87
Elizabeth Brophy Coussa '77
Linda O'Brien Crivello '86
Corla Cunningham Cubillas '71
Carla Gibbons Cullerton '74
Kathleen Steiner Cutright '93
Sonia Wong Dallmann '90
Katherine Dallosto '89
Michelle Missaggia Daly '88
Allisen Russi Danna '05
Doris Butler Dannels '71
Nancy Case Davis '78
Jennifer Ghelfi De Smedt '85
Jackie Della Rosa Carron '87
Stephanie Dennler '94
Donna Obrochta DeSanctis '74
JoAnna Grillo DiSibio '70
Mary Beth Kulawiec Dittrich '79
Christina Ditzel '97
Lori DonDiego '80
Nadine Draper '84
Michele Dunleavy '85
Tina Cusumano Dunn '02
Diana Rose Duque '16
Ruth De Borja Duque '90
Aggie Wintch Eidson '79
Lisa Grubb Elliott '86
Joan Enea-Lopez '70
Judith Mimiaga Fain '81
Kathleen Farley '72
Susanne Fenstermacher '72
Olivia Kathryn Fernandes '12
Nicole Vasta Field '98
Nicole Field '95
Sue Hendershot Fisi '85
Erin-Clare FitzPatrick '07
Mary Roll Fliss '81
Erin Fontana '02
Dianne Forde '74
Tammy Anderson Freeman '86
Olivia Dorothy Freeman '22
Jamie Frick '08
Barbara Durant Funderburk '82
Sarah Garden '97
Terese Ghilarducci '87
Amy Ghisletta '84
Stephanie Ghisletta '82
Kristan Ghisletta Huguet '83
Liz Ginocchio '82
Joanne McGuire Giorgi '86
Virginia Harley Girzadas '88
Tamara Mann Gomez '97
Julie Gonzalez '99
Karen Maloney Goodshaw '85
Erin Johnson Greenwald '86
Suzanne Tietjen Guinn '89
Ileana Pereira Halligan '78
Mara Villaclara Celorio Hanck '89
Gina Revelli Hare '84
Kathryn Moore Hartnett '98
Eden Gonzalez Hass '89
Deborah Varian Hayworth '91
Denise Hazlick '83
Brenda de la Cruz Henderson '83
Marisa Henrichs '96
Sierra Smith Higgins '86
Ingrid Holthuis '74
Ingeborg Sorensen Houston '82
Suzanne Sabatte Hutchinson '72
Elizabeth Albers Iannaccone '88
Sophia Elizabeth Ipsen '12
Loreen Kubicek Jackson '81
Susan Dulany Jackson '83
Jacquelynne Jennings '77
Pamela Courtright Johansen '90
Sara Dukes Johnson '00
Marylou Harvey Keane '80
Jane Elizabeth Kennedy '13
Lynne Sabbagha Kenny '86
Heidi Killeen '82
Andrea Ennis Kirkpatrick '83
Janet Evans Klein '76
Capt. Shannon Hamilton Kopplin '87
Michelle Koski '98
Lisa Lapin '82
Christine McKeown Larson '71
Caitlin Lawson Main '05
Colleen Lenahan '79
Margaret Mary Lettire '13
Kristina Levesque '06
Dr. Elizabeth Limberg '83
Katherine Linder '85
Kimberly Lisiak '09
Claire Marie Logan '12
Christine Sabatte Logan '73
Barbara Hockel Lopez '81
Divina Bautista Lopez '85
Erica Love '04
Malissa Marsh Lucas '85
Christine Duldulao Lujan '91
Cory Lynch '81
Amanda Chloe Sino Manaois '20
Michelle Mankewich '98
Laura Aberer McClure '88
Karen McHugh '70
Elizabeth Meehan '07
Allison Boscacci Mein '88
Heather Mayer Merideth '90
Katherine Walton Merritt '89
Diane Michael '84
Heather Wagner Michels '87
Jessica Smith Mix '99
Maureen Monahan '81
Ashleigh Montgomery '05
Alexis Janssen Morris '88
Skylar Gillian Belza Motas '21
Corine Dietz Muegge '89
Lenore Camera Navarro '77
Doria Forester Neff '91
Jeanette Piepho Norman '75
Marines Novoa '07
Kerrin Dieter Nuti '90
Morgan O'Connor '11
Emily Nina O'Connor '16
Felicity John Odell '88
Sheila Thompson Ogburn '83
Nancy O'Malley '71
Annemarie da Silva Orfila '92
Janine Toomey Orr '89
Deborah Pelham Osborne '81
Susan Melloni O'Sullivan '81
Paula Dalmada Overton '90
Carol Pueringer Padilla '82
Juliet Schroeder Pesce '95
Julie Mill Peters '94
Karina Punu '98
Elizabeth McGervey Pursley '75
Cecille Quiambao '99
Carolyn Tobin Randall '92
Jacklyn Frances Regan '15
Kaitlyn Marie Regan '12
Dr. Elisabeth Renner '78
Alexandria Catherine Reynolds '16
Jan Richardson '75
Miranda Ripoli Cozzone '06
Valerie Daskalos Riva '86
Jeanne Hall Roder '90
Veronica Rodriguez '98
Shannon Micallef Ross '85
Tracy Leonard Ross '86
Tina Boardman Rufo '79
Laurie Trenbath Rutledge '73
Galen McNally Ryan '82
Shawn O'Rourke Sabarese '93
Emmelie Sabatte '77
Sally Sabbagha '91
Jennifer Smith Sanchez '91
Julie Hinken Sasaki '82
Dina Monaghan Scarlett '88
Ann Bacigalupi Schiffenhaus '86
Bernadette Schild '77
Lesley Burke Schooler '96
Lisa Jones Scott '85
Vita Sechrest '09
Gabriella Rose Seeno '14
Lauren Seeno Barbano '99
Stephanie Seeno-Miles '80
Naomi Kate Mayfield Seivold '22
Victoria Knafelc Sekits '84
Kristina Asato Sells '94
Jennifer Serventi '89
Stephanie Serventi '95
Dr. Rosanne Siino '80
Merrilee Gutierrez Silveira '88
Kathleen Reidy Slane '86
Amy Slavin '91
Hillary Smith '06
Jennifer Asuncion Smith '04
Jennifer Louis Smith '99
Susan Solger '73
Jennifer Martin Southard '88
Cherie Hughes Soza '82
Michelle Sparacino Foxworthy '92
Emily St. Jean Duggan '05
Dr. Kathleen Goodwin Stambaugh '73
Katherine Kroha Stephens '87
Lorelle Fourcade Steuber '93
Teresa Piepho Stone '84
Sandra de la Rosa Stuart '87
Lindy Dallimonti Sullivan '02
Jennifer Sullivan '90
Lisa Sumner '81
Sandra Lee Sung '79
Karen Quick Suryan '89
Cynthia Thomas '71
Jeanette Sabatte Tiernan '81
Gaeby Todesco '07
Alicia Tonti '09
Kathleen Cannon Trilevsky '83
Cassidy Kasai Tshimbalanga '18
Sydney Ty Tshimbalanga '16
Aubrey Uresti '96
Margaret Schmidt Valdez '77
Sophie Grace van Berkum '22
Sheri Hardt VanderKlugt '87
Elaine Bomben Vecchi '72
Bianca Karey Venegas '21
Christina Harley Ventrelle '93
Allyson Byrd Vesce '98
Katherine Von Magnus-Bjork '70
Christine Spicer Vranesh '85
Sarah Henry Walsh '80
Sarah Shelley Watson '94
Kerrie Weis '98
Laurie Dickson Williams '90
Erin Coulston Williams '91
Lisa Boscacci Winter '85
Nancy Taft Witt '69
Sharon Wong '86
Victoria Ginocchio Woodbridge '80
Lisa Kramp Xavier '90
Shauna Yandell '04
Dwan Brennan Zehnder '81
Dr. Stephanie Zimmerman '86
Madeline Ziser '07

If you have questions about supporting Carondelet, or are interested in having a conversation about your philanthropy, please consider the Carondelet Development Team a resource.

2019 Reunions for the classes of
'69, '74, '79, '84, '89, '93/'94, '99, '09, '14
Halloween Dance - Class of 1999
Plans for joint reunions with Carondelet and De La Salle are underway and we can't wait to see you. Save the date and visit the  website for details as they become available.
1969  50-year: August 16-17 
1974 45-year: Saturday, October 5*
1979 40-year: Saturday, October 5*
1984 35-year: Saturday, September 14
1989 30-year: Saturday, October 5*
1993/94 25-year: Saturday, August 3
1999 20-year: Saturday, August 10
2009 10-year: Saturday, July 27
2014 5-year: Saturday, November 23
*Though these three reunions are at the same venue on the same evening, each class will have their own celebration space.

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August 12th
Legacy Luncheon
Celebrating our legacy students and alumnae Moms
12:15-1:45 pm, Inner Court
August 20th
Alumnae Board Meeting
5:45 pm, Community Room - Convent
Dinner & Light Refreshments Served
All Alumnae Welcome! Come be part of an exciting school year ahead.
September 5th
Father's Club Mixer
6:30-8:00 pm, Community Room - Convent
Dinner & Refreshments Served
Come meet other Dads and learn what Father's Club is all about.    (All current and alumnae Dads welcome.)
September 20th-21st
CHS/DLS Homecoming Weekend
Check the Alumnae Website for events over the weekend
September 24th
Grandparent's Club Mixer
5:30 - 6:30 pm, Community Room - Convent
Light Refreshments Served
Come meet other Grandparents and learn how you can make a difference in your granddaughter's life.