Reunions are in full swing

Class of 2004
Class of 1984
The Classes of 1984 and 2004 had a wonderful time with their classmates remembering old times in high school, sharing stories of their life since Carondelet and De La Salle and enjoying being together again after over a decade...or two.  
College, Crisis, and the Call to Courage: A September Reflection 
Contributed by 
Nancy (Marshall) Jordan, Ed.D., '86
Regional Director of Mission Integration
St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare, a healthcare ministry sponsored by the
Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange

You might be familiar with this scene: A five-year-old girl, shiny new shoes, crisp outfit backpack bigger than her, setting out for the first day of Kindergarten. Now, flash forward and that same sweet girl is heading off to college, phone equipped with trendy apps, plastic storage bins packed with dorm supplies, fancy computer in tow. Maybe this was your daughter or son. Maybe this was you. Maybe this was your mother. Somewhere in this scenario is a call to courage. As an integral student outcome, courage was a virtue formed in us during our time at Carondelet. Sometimes courage comes easy. Sometimes courage evades us and we have to find it. The back-to-school season provides us alumnae ample opportunity to live courageously.

I recently delivered my daughter to college in Switzerland. With a four year Swiss visa in hand, Jenna is attending a university steeped in academic travel, student diversity, and bold adventures. She found the courage to take this leap. My husband and I found the courage to let her go. This bravery was fairly easy to come by. After all, the world is much smaller than it used to be. We can find cheap air fares. We have Facetime. This all doesn't sound too challenging. However, 4 weeks in, just a week past her 18th birthday, Jenna started complaining of stomach pain. I suggested the logical, "It's cramps. You ate something that disagreed with you. You're homesick. Take Advil." And then, I got a phone call at work from her father, "Jenna's appendix ruptured. She's going into surgery within the hour." Hello, courage, where are you? Not so accessible now! 

The Carondelet Mission statement reminds us that we are women of courage. Although we were never promised it would be easy, we were surrounded by women who showed us the way. And such sisterhood empowers us. I'm thankful to report that Jenna is recovering and has returned to the dynamic lifestyle she signed up for in international education. Mothering...the ultimate test of courage. Am I right? In the spirit of our upbringing, may we be a model of courage to the women in our lives. To all our Carondelet alumnae who sent children of any age to school this month, congratulations! You did it!

Calling All Alumni!
We would like to invite you all to come to our Fall Sport Senior Nights! We would love you all to join us as we say goodbye to our Seniors and send them to join you all as Cougar Alumnae. 

  • 10/18 @ 7pm vs San Ramon Valley
  • The Seniors will be recognized during halftime of the DLS Football Game)
Cross Country 
  • 10/30 @ 3:30pm at Heather Farms in Walnut Creek
  • The Seniors will be recognized prior to the race around 3:20pm
  • 10/18 @ 7pm vs San Ramon Valley
  • The Seniors will be recognized during halftime of the DLS Football Game)
  • 10/19 @ 9am vs TBD at the Carondelet Athletics Complex
  • Seniors will be recognized prior to the game around 8:50am
  • 10/29  @ 4pm vs Livermore at the Carondelet Athletics Complex
  • Seniors will be recognized prior to the match around 3:50pm
  • 10/17 @ 6pm vs Livermore in the Carondelet Gym
  • Seniors will be recognized prior to the game around 5:50pm
Water Polo 
  • 10/29 @ 5pm vs Cal High at the Carondelet Athletics Complex
  • Seniors will be recognized prior to the game around 4:50pm

Alumnae Spotlight - Michelle Koski
Librarian, Carondelet High School

Michelle Koski '98
When I graduated in 1998, I never thought I would one day be back and teaching at Carondelet. But after working as an elementary School Librarian in San Francisco for four years, and getting tired of using all my money on rent, I felt the need to return to the East Bay.

As I was looking to see what was available for someone with a Masters in Library & Information Science (San Jose State '05) and a love of Theatre Arts, I found a posting for a Library Assistant position at Carondelet. While I knew I was over qualified, I was also drawn to opportunity to work at my Alma Mater, to give back to the school that had helped shape me. 

Now as I start my 13th year on campus as a Faculty member and I can't help but look back at all the students I have worked with and the opportunities that have come my way since I returned in the fall of 2007 to Carondelet.  

I am told that I wear a lot of hats on campus: I am the Librarian & Textbook Manager, the Yearbook Advisor, teach in the Visual & Performing Arts Department, and help moderate Company, our amazing theater program with De La Salle. As a student, it was through Company that I found my place and explored my passion for sewing and costume design which led me to major in Theatre Arts in college with an emphasis in Costume Design & Arts Management (BA Theatre Arts, Notre Dame de Namur University '02). Now it is my pleasure to help guide and mentor students interested in Costume, MakeUp or Hair design. Three days a week after school, you can find me at the DLS Theater in the old band room working with students on the current show.

This year's fall production of She Kill Monsters  really takes me back to high  sc hool. It is set in 1995 in a small midwest high school and focuses on a pair of sisters, Agnes and Tilly. She Kill Monsters is a comedic and action-packed story about a high school girl who discovers her dead little sister had a life she knew nothing about. Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Role-Playing Game was Tilly's refuge and a place of freedom.  By the end of the story, the audience can decide who the real monsters are. Helping my students recreate the look and feel of 1995 (grunge, preppy, etc) as well as creating the fantasy characters in D&D has been so much fun. I hope you can join us!

Alumnae Preview Day (Free)
November 6th 
Reception following at Convent

Alumnae Donors July-August 2019

Alumnae are an invaluable partner in establishing and nurturing a culture of philanthropy at Carondelet. You are our most effective ambassadors - products of the Carondelet experience whose adult lives inspire the young women who walk these halls every day.

Thank you  for using your voice and spirit to encourage others to join you in support of our shared institution.

Veronica Gutierrez Alves '84
Jennifer Eddy Bender '89
Kathleen Kluesener Blair '89
Annemarie Boscacci Carpenter '91
Rochelle Singer Christolos '70
Laura Crane '07
Nancy Davis '78
Jennifer Ghelfi De Smedt '85
Mary Beth Kulawiec Dittrich '79*
Aggie Wintch Eidson '79*
Trisha Frazer Fernandes '83
Suzanne Hendershot Fisi '85
Amy Ghisletta '84
Elizabeth Albers Iannaccone '88
Ellen Jurgens '19
Lynne Sabbagha Kenny '86*
Michelle Koski '98*
Katherine Merritt '89
Diane Michael '84
Doria Forester Neff '91
Barbara Lewis Primm '88
Valerie Daskalos Riva '86
Lily Ruiz '86
Lesley Burke Schooler '96*
Katherine Kroha Stephens '87
Lorelle Fourcade Steuber '93
Gaebriella Todesco '07*
Margaret Schmidt Valdez '77*
Paige Wallace '13
*Carondelet Faculty/Staff

If you have questions about supporting Carondelet, or are interested in having a conversation about your philanthropy, please consider the Carondelet Development Team a resource.

2019 Reunions for the classes of '74, '79, '89, and 2014
1974 45-year: Saturday, October 5*         1974 Tickets

1979 40-year: Saturday, October 5*         1979 Tickets

1989 30-year: Saturday, October 5*         1989 Tickets

 2014 5-year: Saturday, November 30      2004 Tickets

40th & 45th Luncheon, October 5th         RSVP
 Visit the alumnae  reunion page  or class Facebook page for more details.
*These reunions are held at all held at Scott's in separate rooms.

New Tradition
Alumnae Raffle Tree at Visions of Christmas
For 30 years, Carondelet alumnae have shown their support at Visions of Christmas. This year we want to stand out as an alumnae community by sponsoring an alumnae raffle tree. Sponsoring a tree entails selecting a theme, donating experiences, collecting gifts for under the tree and designing the overall look of the tree.
Do you have a vacation home or travel experience you would like to donate? A business you'd like to highlight? Tickets to concerts or sporting events? Or something creative that we could include with the tree.
We are looking for 3-4 alumnae to help in this effort, please contact me if you are interested 925-686-5353 x151 or

This is an exciting new tradition for the alumnae community as we celebrate the 30th Annual Visions of Christmas.

Father's Club Meeting
October 10, 2019 6:00-7:30 pm   

The Carondelet Fathers Club is a new club created to connect the Dads of CHS, creating fellowship and enhancing the high school experience not only for our daughters, but also for our families, by modeling a spirit of volunteerism.  Through social events and service projects, our goal is to forge new friendships that will last far beyond our daughter's graduation.

All current and alumnae Dad's welcome! 

Check the CHS website under the Parents Section for full calendar of events
Grandparent's Club Meeting
October 22, 2019 10:30-12:00 pm 

The Grandparents' Club is a growing group of grandparents who want to get more involved, get to know each other, learn more about Carondelet and enrich the granddaughter/grandparent relationship through a variety of community service projects on campus. 

All current and alumnae Grandparents Welcome

Check the CHS website under the Parents Section for full calendar of events
 Professional Networking Community 
is kicking off in November...stay tuned

LinkedIn will be an integral part of the upcoming Professional Networking Community for Carondelet Alumnae and their families. The  C-Network  will bring together alumnae, parents, and families to offer internships, fellowships, mentoring, job skills, and employment opportunities.

You must Add Carondelet High School  to the education section                                in your account to connect to The C-Network -  CHS PRIDE  today!

Mark Your Calendar
(Full Calendar at

October 9th & 10th
Grandparents Community Service Project
10:30-12:00 pm
Contact: Ann Schiffenhaus for more details
October 10th
Father's Club Meeting
6:00-7:30 pm
Convent - Community Room
Dinner & Refreshments Served
5:30 Tour - Jean Hofmann Center for Innovation 
October 16th
Alumnae Community Service Day
9:30 -11:30 am
Friends of the Creek - Walnut Creek  Civic Park Cleanup
Loaves & Fishes - Martinez
Sunrise Senior Living - Walnut Creek
October 22nd
Grandparents Club Meeting & Lunch
10:30-12:00 pm
Convent - Community Room
October 28th
Alumnae Board Meeting
6:00-7:30 pm
Convent - Community Room
Dinner & Refreshments Served