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This week we dive into a little commercial as the Texas Quartley Commercial report was just released, and for residential Realtor.com Just last night came out with their year-end and next year projections and forecast.

VOGUE named Dripping Springs the Hottest Rural Town in America, and Round Rock might add up to 143,000 new homes to accommodate the expected growth!

Carpe Diem Investors, here is the opportunity

After doing so many more Investor deals this year when prices started falling, it was hard to miss the writing on the wall!

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Community News

Dripping Springs, the Hottest Rural Town in America - VOGUE

Vouge Magazine just came out with their hottest Rural town in America. Just thirty minutes southwest of Austin in the heart of Texas Hill Country, Dripping Springs our current stomping grounds, 5 min from our Office at the Polo Club is "rewriting the narrative" on rural prosperity in the digital age. Great Article!

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Round Rock's future of housing - The City expects Insane growth

Round Rock says it has enough space to build between 25,000 and 143,000 new housing units to accommodate the population growth! Whoa that's an insane amount of New housing units! My question was where the Heck does Round Rock have space for that much housing, it's already so conjested, they have an Answer...

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2023 Property Tax Rates Breakdown

New Market Activity by Area

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2024 Housing Forcast

2024 Housing Market Forecast and Predictions: Housing Affordability Finally Begins to Turnaround

Realtor.com Just released their 2024 forecast and housing market predictions Home prices, market trends, and more as we look toward 2024.

This is a great report every year like anything else sometimes it's spot on sometimes it's way off, but they all give us insight into the big market data analytics and what those experts are projecting... which is useful either way.

Year Over Year Projections for how the end of 2023 will end up shaking out and what 2024 might look like (InfoGraphic Below)

See The Full Realtor.com Forcast Report

According to Realtor.com's Projections, almost everything will be seeing a slight decline in 2024

  • Prices - down -1.7%
  • Inventory - down -14%
  • Mortgage Rates - to 6.8%
  • Rental Prices. - down -0.2%

The report mentions income is expected to catch up making affordability much better! This is great for Buyers, Investors, and Renters, but not too shabby for Sellers either with 14% less inventory and only 1.7% decline in prices.

Commercial Market Activity

Retail, Business,

Mix-Use & Office

Residential Income,

Multi-Fam & Apartment


Hotels, Warehouses,

Flex and Industrial

Land Dev, Site-Plan,

Agriculture & Other


Commercial Market Update

The Texas Real Estate Research Center Offers a great in-depth quarterly report for Commercial real estate. The report just released highlights the trends across industries in the big 4 MSAs in the State.

The biggest takeaway is Texas employment growth, which is slightly above long-term trends, noticeable in Dallas-Fort Worth, then Houston, and San Antonio, but Not so much in Austin.

Multi-family construction activity is declining. Rising vacancies in Austin and San Antonio are quite the opposite of the stabilized levels in Dallas and Houston. A somewhat split real estate landscape in the Texas Multi-Family market as a whole.

Texas Quarterly Commercial Report

Carpe Diem - Investor Opportunity

The winter season is upon us, and we have a great window of opportunity for investors taking place in Austin right now...

  1. Austin Med & Ave Sales prices 7%-10% below last year
  2. Home Buyer demand lowest since 2012
  3. Sellers panicking and taking lower offers
  4. Slowest year for sales since 2012 and the Slowest time of the year annually

Check the Numbers We know the next 3 months are the perfect opportunity to get cash-flowing or as close to cash-flowing rentals in Austin as you might get for a long time. The Spring buying season may bring a world of change.

So my team and I are now combing through hundreds of properties a week and analyzing them for Investor opportunities, cherry-picking the top ones, validating rental potential, and sharing them with investors so they don't have to do the leg work.

We'll provide the offer price we recommend to start negotiations and get cash flows, write the offer, close the deal help you get it rented and managed (if needed). Shoot a msg and I'll add you to the list to get the spreadsheet, profiles and links every week.

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