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August 3, 2018 eBrief
Carr Allison is the newest Champion for Justice
Carr Allison is the newest Champion for Justice at the Platinum Leadership level. Carr Allison has been a long-time supporter of VLB and has doubled their annual contribution to give at the top level.  
Thomas Logan, managing shareholder, said “Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham is doing great work to help out low-income citizens in need. It is important for all firms to step up and support their mission. We are proud to be a part of Champions for Justice.”

Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham would like to thank Carr Allison as well as all of the Champions for Justice.
Thomas Logan, managing shareholder,
Carr Allison
Become a Champion for Justice today! Contact Nancy Yarbrough , executive director, or click here for more information.

Judge John & Susan Carroll

Jim & Julie Goyer
Dawson Law
Matthew Swerdlin, Attorney at Law
You can make a difference!
Help these elderly clients draft their wills. They originally had their wills done in 1974 but would like to update them so that their family is taken care of.  I Can Help!
This client needs help getting out of a bad living situation. He is 18-years-old and unable to sign a lease. His parents do not live in the country and cannot sign for him. Please help him get emancipated so that he can improve his living situation.  I Can Help!
Please help this mother and daughter draft separate wills so that they can make sure their loved ones are taken care of.  I Can Help!
This elderly client’s neighbor is building a fence on the client’s property that is obstructing the client’s driveway. She needs help resolving this situation so that she can continue to have access to her property.  I Can Help!
Thank you Help Desk volunteers
 Amber Whillock helped her client get his license back
Turning Point Volunteers

Wes Bulgarella (Sirote), Sarah Chamberlain (Starnes), Matt Swerdlin , and Amber Whillock (Starnes).
Preston Martin and Denzel Okinedo at the Veterans’ Help Desk
Veterans' Help Desk Volunteers

Allen Baker, Jr . (Balch), Courtney Brown (Burge & Burge), Marcus Chatterton (Balch), Bradley Foster , Richard Keller (Burr), Preston Martin (Bressler), Lauren Shine , and Amber Whillock (Starnes).
Summer Clerks:
Denzel Okinedo (Bressler) and Averie Armstead (Starnes).
John Lawes at the Civil Help Desk
Civil Help Desk Volunteers

John Clark , Amanda Crawford , Bradley Foster , George Gaskin (Carney Dye), Greg Harp , Kendra Johnson , Priscilla Kelley , John Lawes (State Farm), Angelica Prince , Bill Prosch , Randy Quarles (Quarles Law Firm), and Lashanda Willis .
John Milledge with clients
Domestic Relations Help Desk

Tommy Buck (Maynard), Melinda Guillaume , Priscilla Kelley , Susan McAlister , John Milledge , Angelica Prince , LaShunta White-Boler , and Latonia Williams (Five Points Law).
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